Saturday, October 21, 2006


It's Not Unusual To Be Punched By Anyone

Well, it's finally happened. Tom Jones has lost his mind.

Not content with being a world-famous crooner, he has now decided to toss his hat (and, apparently, the rest of himself) into the boxing ring.

With none other than Mike Tyson.

Let's see ... Tom is 66. Mike was born in '66.

Tom is well-known for singing, gyrating, being Welsh and having panties thrown at him.

Mike is well-known for for pummeling people and biting their ears off (and, seeing he served three years in jail on a rape charge, likely has at least a passing acquaintance with panties himself, however they don't seem to have been donated quite as willingly as the ones collected by Mr. Jones).

I certainly can't think of a more sensible match-up, can you?

What's next? The Pope vs. Hulk Hogan?

Hrm, come to think of it, I'd pay for that one.

I love the post title..
I'd totally pay to see the Pope vs. Hulk Hogan..
This is absurd. And Tyson also wants to fight female boxers who are much, much smaller than him. There is a little something called a weight class system that is supposed to protect people from being grossly outmatched in the ring, and Tyson is an asshole for agreeing to fight anyone not in his weight class. But then again, he's never really NOT been an asshole.

Did you hear this one: Heidi Fleiss wants Tyson to be one of the "studs" for her stud farm (male whorehouse). Because it's so hard for women to get a chance to fuck a rapist for free, they're going to want to pay for it. Check it out:
IIRC, Tom Jones is, like, 5'8" or something. Definitely not in the heavyweight class. Sheesh.
I know what the odds are, but wouldn't it be bloody fantastic if Tom beat the living snot right out of that freakish, girly-voiced ass? Maybe he would go away and we'd never have to hear about him again. Except to joke.
I'd pay good money to see that!
I have to say...that there have been days...when I have felt like just quitting this whole wholesome life thingie and if I were considering such, I might like to go as some awesome geek boxer. Go Tom!
...He always runs when others walk, he laughs when other men just talk...

This is the best thing since eightballs and whiskey.
what's up, pussy cat, whoaoaoaoao!

well, well, tom has indeed tipped over the edge. i watched him on dancing with the stars recently, and mrowr, he still has it. oh that voice.

let's hope mike doesn't smash his voice box to bits.
How absolutely crazy! I know charity was mentioned, but I cannot imagine Tyson doing it for charity alone. However, I have been wrong before (I think it was in 1981.) (Actually, I think I was also wrong yesterday.....)
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