Monday, October 02, 2006


I Will Not Blog About Work

I will not blog about work.
I will not blog about work.
I will not blog about work.

Not that I'm afraid of anyone finding it, just that I have never yet used the dreaded C word on this blog (no, not that one, the other one) and really, that's just about the only word I'm capable of screaming at the moment.

Things are going badly. Stress and annoyance, no uneployment looming, fear not.

I will not blog about work ...

Heading off to That Place. Teeth firmly clenched.

touch yarn, you'll feel better.
We're with you on this!
C word? Christmas?
No! Not the c word! Good vibes coming your way. Sorry getting the cash is such a drag.
I totally understand what you mean I am employed somewhere and decided to quit one of the boss'. Now I just have mine and I feel much better.
I only know one C word. Clearly, I have no imagination.

Oh, wait, I know that word! It's the man version, right?
Check your e-mail; I think it'll make you feel a little better :)
Maybe you need to knit up a voodoo doll?
hahaha, i like the Cooties answer. but i first thought ... Christmas. it's just around the Corner and we need Cash for it and of Course we must .... WORK!
Cursing? Candlespotting? Credit Cards?

I'm stumped.
I'm stumped, too.

I think the cloud of bitchiness that was recently hovering over my life has floated up north to oppress you. Don't worry - it'll come back my way by Friday at the latest, and then I'm sure the j.. will be better.
I'm so sorry. But you are correct, do not blog about work when forcefully brings to mind the C word. Unlike the others, I always assume that is what the C word means. But the other day, I think maybe in your archives it was used for cancer. Which made me laugh. Not the cancer, of course, but what my mind immediately assumed.

I hope that as I write this you are at home with Her Royal Highness.
I agree -- I too refuse to blog about work.
My readers would surely laugh.
But somewhere, somehow, some client would find it....
May the crapening at your house dissipate --swiftly.
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