Monday, October 16, 2006


Hasty Hop-By

My kidlet is off at her babysitter's and I'm about to grab a rare opportunity for a two-hour nap before work, so this'll be quick.

The dyeing went well, thanks to all who asked and also to all who voted for the acid dyes. Seeing it was my first time using them, I chose the Peruvian wool, the screwing-up of which would be the least likely to make me wish to commit some sort of ritual suicide, because we all know how closely I read the directions on anything, right?

It's turned out to be a beautiful clear cobalt, with just a little colour variation. Unfortunately it reeks of vinegar, so unless I want to call the colourway "Deep Blue Douche" or something equally tasteful, I'm going to have to swish it around in Eucalan for a bit tomorrow. Pics will be up as soon as it's dry and skeined.

I went to my PO box today and received the first exciting shipment for the hat drive dealie, from Marlene, and it's every bit as nice as it looks on her blog. There have also been four more prizes donated: some beautiful Tiki bamboo sock yarn from The Lady Wyvern and one of each of Goodwife Stephanie's books, signed for you personally.

Almost makes me want to put my own name in the hat. Well, the bucket, seeing there won't be any hats left over in this house.

And now, to sleep ...

Wow, you're knitting Royalty.


Deep Blue Douche has a certain ring to it. ;)
i've almost finished my hat. it's crochet, and double stranded, so it's nice & thick, and cushy. i've even done some front & post work, so it's almost ribbed (for her pleasure?) (did i say that out loud? shame on me (hardee har har)). and it's green! i should hve it done & washed and in the mail by week end.
I dunno, Deep Blue Douche has that designer anti-fashion ring to it. It may also symbolize why all last week I read your blog after my brother's kids were asleep.
i'm so all about deep blue douche.
Deep Blue Douche-I'd buy that.
Hey, maybe you could make some in a bright, summer-y red and call it Strawberry Douche.....
No! Avoid red. The possibilities are frightening.
Vancouver is one of my favorite places on the planet, so I'll be happy to get a hat (or two or three) zipped up and sent to you.

How did you know I was right between projects? You clever minx...
Call it "Summer's Eve" and just be done with it ;)
Deep Blue Douche works on so many levels.... Seriously, it sounds wonderful - can't wait to see it. Then again, I'm a sucker for anything blue.
I got turned on to your site from "Wendy Knits" -- she has a link about your hat drive. Everytime I get a 'go-to' to a new knit blog, I lurk around a bit for a few days to see if it's a personality and tempo that fits me...but after reading the phrase "Deep Blue Douche" I am definitely making myself at home here! ;-)
Have you tried any of the dyes that use citric acid? It's less stinky.
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