Friday, October 06, 2006


Friday Update

Not a lot of blogging, Ch├ęz Lapin, but there have indeed been fibre-related activities.

I spent quite a lot of last night making this:

into these:

there are actually four skeins, two of 300 yards and two of 250. if and when i get my lazy ass in gear they will be posted for sale. merino superwash, laceweight my precioussss

I have also completed this:

for Ann's mitten challenge. i clearly won't make the deadline, seeing it's passed already, but i'll be sending a couple of pairs. please excuse the blurry photo ... my camera doesn't have a zoom, or a focus, or really any features working any more.

This has also been completed:

my first hat for Dulaan 2007

More accurate colour here:


Work is ... well, it's work. And it's pretty good, we're just in the midst of some unsettling times. Cooler heads will prevail. Or perhaps those of us with the pointy sticks will just rise up in revolt.

Could go either way, really.

Slept all day and I'm actually not sick any more, for the first time in about a month. Amazing what that sleep thingie will do.

And now ... off to work again.

Beautiful spinning!
It's commercially spun superwash -- sorry, should have clarified! I just dyed it and it's been sitting about waiting for me to make it pretty for far too long.
Sleep, it's a good thing. Glad to hear you are feel well!
Pretty yarns!

This may be too personal, and just ignore me if it is, but I don't recall seeing exactly what you do for a living. Inquir--, er, nosy minds want to know.
That yarn is DEVINE!!!!!!!
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