Monday, October 09, 2006


A Contest

I just went outside, and Jesus, Mary and Albert is it cold.

I came back in and put on a coat (yes I went outside without one, I was retarded enough to think that The Power of Flannel would save me but it didn't) and then went back outside and it was still freakin' cold but at least I had a coat.

And it's not even "real" winter yet.

The papers tell me that there are 1300 people living on the streets of Vancouver. I took 13 blankets to the shelter today, so whee, 1% of 'em now have a blanket.

Supposedly you lose something like 80% of your body heat through your head. I have no idea why, I think it might just be one of those little cosmic jokes that they explained in the science classes I didn't go to.

Anyhow, we have a lot of cold heads here in Vancouver. And they need hats. So I'm gonna hold me a contest.

Make a hat (I'm a slow knitter and it takes me four hours to make one) and then email me and I'll tell you where to mail it. I think will work for an email address, otherwise bunniegirl at shaw dot ca will do it.

There will be prizes. The deadline is December first. You have seven weeks, surely you can find four hours in seven weeks, can't you?

Prizes will include sock yarn, stitch markers, and maybe even some of those knitting books I've been hoarding for years.

Knit early, knit often.

Go on, you know you want to.

OK, you're on ... I will make you a hat. Do you want adult or child size, acrylic/ack yarn or wool?

And while I'm at it, I'll commit to making one hat for a local shelter, too! Or is that a bit show-offy for a Monday morning?
Way to go, Rabbitch! I am definitely in. It's a very good thing you are doing.
I was going to ask the same two questions as Beth.. clearly its too early for me to think on my own. I'll help too.. I'm in.
Im in.
Same questions, definately too early to think on my own, and I will be making stuff for kids here in SE Iowa as well, and while not as cold as BC, its cold when its below zero and you have nothing.
Okay, m'am, you're on! All my acrylic goes to the post office today to help some kids in Connecticut learn to knit (see for details -- send her some yarn, people!), so the hat for the Vancouver person will be... (drum roll, please) wool! Or at least wool blend.
It's actually true that you lose 50 percent of your heat through your head, not just something my crazy dad used to say. So I'll have a hat coming your way soon. Thanks!
After yesterday's post, and the pabg of guilt for knowing I couldn't possibly commit, (damn job), I'm in for a hat.
I'm in for 2 hats.
Since it's Thanksgiving and all, and since I'm very thankful for having a warm home to live in, and warm clothes to wear, I'll also make two hats - one for you and one for my local shelter, because cold in Ottawa is even colder than cold in Vancouver.

I'll make them out of superwash wool. But since I don't have any, I guess I'll have to go yarn shopping. Oh, what a tragedy that is.
I'm up for that! Gets rid of yarn, and I like making hats (which correspondingly means I have too many hats).
So that 80% of body heat through your head thing... it's sort of true, and it sort of isn't. See, when they did the study that determined these numbers, the people were fully clothed, except for their heads - so you might expect that they'd loose most of their body heat through their head in that situation. In any case, if everything but your head is covered, that's where most of your heat is going to go.
The one currently on the needles is yours, chicky poo.
Count me in - I'll find time sometime after all it's a very good cause :-) It may take a while to get to you though as it has to cross the Atlantic...
i'm in
Big time in!
One hat coming your way.
I like knitting hats for charity so at least one of them will find it's way to Canada.
Sounds good to me!
Oh my goodness, this is awesome!

I followed the link from Wendy's page, and I'm really excited to join. I have one hat on the needles that I'll can finish by the deadline. (I'm pretty slow since I do battle with tendonitis.)

*dances with joy*

count me in!
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