Wednesday, October 18, 2006



I'm trying not to buy much of anything these days, due to little things like, you know, bills and such, but now and again a girl just can't help herself.

Looks like I'm parking on the street at work for the next two weeks, but it's worth it.

So hey, there are more hats and more prizes. I'm running in circles (and just realized that I really have let personal hygiene slip by the wayside but that's another, smellier topic) trying to get work and sleep and get the kid to and from school and maybe get my teeth fixed and get to meetings and all. It's been a bit nuts, but I should be able to update on Friday.

In the meantime, go get yourself some tunes.

You mean I'm not the only one who *forgets* to take a shower because I don't want to waste the time I could be reading/ knitting/ catching up on Bloglines?
Hey, Bunny, a girls gotta have tunes! Street parking or no.
Is there a deadline for signing up? I see 01 Dec as the deadline for getting hats to you, but no sign-up deadline. I'm in for one or two, probably at least one adult and a child. Do you want snuggly ski hat styles or does it matter?
Too cool; they're from near me! I love that name.
Music, gotta have the music!
People Who Know say that you and I are the biggest referrers to the Whoreshoes CD..... I think they owe you a beer!
Not to get off the subject but how many hats have your received for the challenge?
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