Wednesday, October 11, 2006


And They're Off!

Some of us, of course, are a little more off than others, but I was hoping that you would be polite enough not to mention it.

Marlene has finished her hat, and isn't it a cutie?

Prizes are being gathered. First up are two balls of Kureyon in Colourway #92 -- perfect for anyone making Lizard Ridge.

A list of prizes and participants will be maintained over here, along with pictures of the finished hats and a grand total and so on.

There's nothing much there yet, 'cause I just suddenly realized I haven't eaten or showered and I might be wearing yesterday's clothes (I'm a little distracted these days) and I have to leave for work in an hour. I'll try to get a blurry photograph up tomorrow.

Well, I am up to two for you, and two for locals. Pictures to be on my blog later this week.
It snowed here last night, tho its melted away today...
Sitting under wool shawl, in SE Iowa...
Lady Wy
Oh great, Lady Wy's (very nice) hat makes mine look like an asswipe. Better get more colorful yarn...
It's Smee. I didn't evaporate or anything. Um, I just wanted to know if there are instructions for the hat. I went to the blog and it's lovely, but no instructions, and a moron about just taking off and knitting something on the spur of the moment. And how's by you, besides working a dozen jobs and mothering a junior house godess and clothing the homeless in Vancouver?
Busy knitting a couple of hats for you. Already have envelope addressed and ready to mail as soon as I cast off.

Mine aren't as fancy but as least they will help someone keep warm.
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