Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Address for Hats

Okie dokie, we have an address for the hats:

#241-718-333 Brooksbank Avenue
North Vancouver, BC
Canada V7J 3V8

No, I don't live there, so don't come a-stalking me. You'd feel very silly if you did; it's just a mail drop.

Thanks for everyone who tossed their hat into the ring, as it were. We're going to have some warm noggins around here. I'll split the hats between the two places I mentioned in my original post, plus Covenant House.

Gentlepersons, start your needles!

Or something.

It's just a mail drop, yes, but I could hang around there until you showed up and HAHAHHAHAHALSKJHDKLAJHLKDJKASLDHKAJSHAHHAHA *cough* oh, wait, sorry about that. Forget I mentioned it.
I wasn't sure I'd have the time, but I'm in and.....I'm done. Needles still smokin'. I'll try to get that into the mail pronto.
LOL-I've been reading your site for a few months now, & this much I know: If I were a stalker, I wouldn't stalk you on a triple dog dare! ;) I did however, pick up some yarn for the hats yesterday.
ok, lady, get out of my head. i'm hosting a comfortghan for a friend, and when another friend was whining over the yarn choice, i told her, lady, start your needles (and you live in canada, do YOU watch nascar?)
I'm too tired to stalk. I will however be posting a hat tomorrow.
'Twould be good to have this address over on the hats blog as well... am hoping to get the 2 hats in the mail tomorrow AM. Yippee!
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