Monday, September 25, 2006


When Not Too Drunk To Knit

I keep promising update photos on the knitting but of course I'm far too drunk to even knit most of the time, nevermind remembering to take photos.

Amazingly, some knitting seems to have been occurring in my home. I'll be awaiting another friendly email from the new humourless bitch administrator of the Queerknit webring to let me know how this could possibly be happening.


irish hiking scarf. peruvian highland wool. for that horrible norma's red scarf project

eris. for me. found, after hiding for several weeks. we don't know where it went but it seems to have a headache

the dreaded mitred-square baby blanket, now about 80% done. it's sort of eye-bleeding, isn't it? but it's for a (very) young new mom who will appreciate it

this may look like just a cuff but really it's a completed mitten. for that other do-gooding bitch's mitten challenge.

I'm now going to drop the kid off at gramma's, take a bottle of water to my husband (seeing he alleges that some bastard drank all of his water yesterday and didn't refill the bottle. Which would be more convincing if he didn't, like, work alone) and then pack up piles of knitting to take into work.

We have a new manager. I'm pretty sure she blows goats. Let's just say she's not inspiring me to do a lot of "extra" work tonight. Knitting will occur. Possibly quite a lot of it.

This isn't too gorgeous or anything!! This is one of my favorite patterns!!! :)
I love the Irish Hiking Scarf. I want one. I need to figure out how to wear it in weather that would never ever necessitate a scarf.
Ah, Rabbitch, you are becoming a household name (in my house, at least.) Whenever I'm on the computer, and I snort in hilarity, my husband asks, "Rabbitch?"
Then he comes to read.
Glad to see you stayed sober enough to take photos. Just kidding. That blanket is cute, I love knowing something I'm making will be appreciated.
Hey, I guess I like eye-bleeding colors. haha
That bottom photo is pretty blurry. Are you SURE you're not drunk? *slinking away....*
Ho there...stumbled in, must've been a banana peel somewhere, can't find it. Anywhoooo...

QueerKnit? New Administrator?? That explains why all of a sudden a new approval note appeared in my inbox. Thanks for sorting that out for me!!

Red scarf:lovely! Think i'd need to be drunk to try cables. Hmmm. Maybe that could be arranged.

Oh, is THAT the trick to cables? Being drunk while doing them? Never knew that one ... will have to try it!
That's some pretty good knitting for a drunk! Love the red scarf!
hey lush - nice knitting!
OK, I've been lurking for a little while (ever since I saw your posts on the knitting meetup message board), but I have to delurk to get your opinion on the peruvian highland wool.

How are you liking it?
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