Tuesday, September 26, 2006



I had one of The. Worst. Nights. Ever. at work.

And now I'm sitting here and the only thing I can think of is this.

Anyone who works with me will understand. Anyone else will just have to call the lads with the white jackets to take me away.

And now, to bed.

holy shit.. that is funny.
That bad huh? I hope you get lots of rest and no more banana for you!
OMG IT'S A FREAKIN MIND WORM or whatever the hell it's called!! That shit is now playing in my head OVER AND OVER AND OVER....and.....
Ha, I'm not *that* stupid. You think I'm going to go to that link and listen and get whatever background music it is stuck in my head ALL FRIGGING DAY? I don't think so.
Sorry it was such a bad night.
Is it crazy that I find it kind of peppy and energizing?
Holy crap. I had no idea such perversions existed on the web.
Thanks a heap!!! Darling grandson heard it and LOVED it; now we're going to have to play it half the night HERE, too!

Will I be cursing you the rest of the night?
Why, why, why?! Why do I click?! Time to take notes from Big Alice. Do NOT click the link!
Very evil of you to share your pain like that.
I hope it gets better but it's going around.
Oh, sure! Now it's in MY head... and you're in Canada somewhere sleeping. SHEESH!
Hopefully, it's stuck in DH's head...he was listening too!
Maybe I'm a bit twisted but, if it's available as a download-able ring tone, I want it.
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That song really does stay in your head. The bad thing is it makes me want this even more. Yes it's been on my list of senseless needed items for awhile.
I want that for a ring tone, too! For my incredibly annoying (though I do love him) dad. Yep, that'd be perfect.

Hope tomorrow is at least quieter for you!
Wow. It's really amazing how that thing stuck in my head ALL FREAKING DAY!!! My husband was also singing it, and we've got a whole slew of perverse versions made up now... Just a few more days till the kids pick up on the tune and my head explodes.
I made this mistake of playing it for my daughter - aahhh!!!
Poor thing..... I'm working the most hours ever this week (just got another 12 added to make 92 in 5.5 days, I think), so I hear you. I need a drink. Unfortunately, I'm at work, and then I won't have time to drink. Sadder words were never typed....
Rabbitch. The banana phone song has certainly upped your EQ (Evil Quotient.) It has been at least 48 hours and I am still breaking out in annoying melody... Husband found this and asked me to post it to you:
Not nearly as addictive, but even weirder.
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