Sunday, September 10, 2006


That Time Already?

I seem to have lost all sense of time.

Those who know me will chortle to themselves, as they likely think I've never HAD a sense of time and in many ways that's so. I don't know how old my husband is, I don't know when anyone's birthday is, and I often don't know when I got married (the month OR the year).

I'm really not sure why any of it matters but I try, hard, as others seem to get their pants in a bunch when I get a year confused with a week and so on. I mean, I want to remember birthdays and things (and if you'd like me to remember yours please let me know a week before or something as I'm not entirely sure if I have a calendar anywhere. And if I do, you can be pretty sure it's not for this year.)

This is completely retarded. I used to be the TimeNazi. I took the Franklin Quest Time Management seminar and had a big fat zippered leather book with all of the details of everyone's life written down, with a list of tasks and all sorts of bizarre symbols, letters and numbers next to them. I was damned good at it too, even though the whole silliness was utterly foreign to me.

And then it all went kabloo somehow.

And I just can't do that any more. Or, well, I suppose I could if I had to, to support my family but really, I'd rather eat a nest of live fire ants.

Without cheese.

(oh and did I mention I've been married twice, and the boys have their birthdays three days apart? Makes for an interesting um ... October. I'm pretty sure it's October.)

Anyhow, it seems that September has snuck up on me once again and I remembered just in the nick of time that this month is our anniversary. I even know it's our 8th, seeing I said recently that it was the 7th and was corrected by my husband who, thank FSM, thinks that this is amusing. He even had bets going with a couple of friends that I would forget our first anniversary, which I would have if someone who got married two days after me hadn't wished me a happy anniversary.


So yeah, I think I'll take him out for a nice dinner and pretend that I wasn't planning on knitting him something this year ...

Maybe he'll get slippers in October. Likely on my first husband's birthday, too.

Pregnancy did it to me...totally sucked out my brains and memory banks... now not only do I generally not know the time, I can't find my watch!!
Yeah, Cheryl, me too. Well, Rabbitch, it's better to forget, than not do it at all. Or some such crap..I can't remember the saying.
wtf? I made a comment but I'm either a total idiot, or I suffer from some panic disorder that makes me dillusional enough to believe I'm talking to someone when I am not. Oh well, just another day, I guess.

Happy Anniversary. Mine is on the 24th but PLEASE don't remind me. In 14 years, I only remembered it twice. One year, we were talking about divorce. The other, we were down in the barn milking at 10 pm and we both looked at each other with dawning realization and I quickly blurted out "happy anniversary'. Not the most romantic, but if it ain't broke...

I blogged about you tday...I know you're just dying to know ....
I entered the same time warp right around the same time I started (conveniently) forgetting how old I am.
I think it's just kids - not even pregnancy, since the ones I have had the good manners to gestate inside someone else... I used to have a fabulous memory, always knew the date of everything - this morning I spent 45 minutes trying to get the kids into the PTA sponsored afterschool programs, entirely certain the forms were due today (they were due last Thursday. And I got them both into the programs, I'm good at begging.)
My husband and I BOTH forgot which day our anniversary was last year, and it was our first! We might remember this year, but I wouldn't be surprised if we have to check the marriage certificate again...
Our anniversary is tomorrow. When we got married, it was harder to remember. Now, unfortunately, it's pretty easy. However, I messed up and agreed to host a meeting at our house tomorrow night. Dr. Pig and I have agreed that we will not exchange so much as a card. Makes it easy!
I, too, was a former Franklin Quest girl...then I found yarn:). You know how they tell you to figure out what matters most? I did. Yarn. So...the cupboard is bare, the dust bunnies under the bed are procreating like, well, bunnies, and I knit. Lots! And the calender doesn't matter until it's time to figure out how many days till the beginning of "Sock Wars" :)
I'm pretty sure my brain started leaking out my left ear about two years ago, so, I feel your pain!

I was a hero at work, though, because of Outlook, where one day I logged in all of the important dates in my life, and set two-day reminders, so the program would send me a pop-up two days before. They I would advise everyone of the upcoming b-days and we would buy cake, etc. It was like some kind of a miracle. Of course, none of them bought me anything on MY birthday! HA!

My first marriage, I never knew our anniversary. We got married on the day after Thanksgiving, which changes every year, and we just celebrated it on the day after Thanksgiving, no matter the date. It worked...
You know, I think SCarrGo is on to something. Pick a day each month for whatever...all birthdays and anniversaries shall be on the 10th of the month. Or maybe one day for all birthdays and a different day for all anniversaries. Mmm, I may have to put this plan to a test...
Oh, god, I thought the time/lack of ability to remember birthdays thing was only me! Its so good to know I'm not the only one. I've discovered that I'm only capable of rememebering maybe 3 birthdays, and one of them is mine.
Well my b'day sucks since it's 2 weeks after Christmas & most people forget it 'coz they've been weakened from the holiday frenzy anyway... I lost my memory after the 6th grandchild [I have 18 now]. Well I only remember the grandkids because I write them on the calendar every year. But I'm telling them all that after the age of 18 they're on their own & only get a Christmas gift from me.

Good god, GREAT-grandchildren are next!

p.s. Your memory is in good company ...
Ugh, I am so late. Happy Anniversary! Memory is overrated! More wine!
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