Wednesday, September 06, 2006



Literally. Seems that I've lost my voice somewhere. I have only fairly mild cold symptoms and not much of a cough, but no voice. A sort of squeaky/honky/whispery thing is the best I can manage and believe you me, it's sexay. Well, if you're some sort of freak, that is.

My daughter is, naturally, appreciating this situation, however apparently it's not so good for someone who has to call the emergency codes for six healthcare facilities (and who also answers the phone for all six) and so I've taken the night off work.

I've probably got about 3" of the collar of Eris done. Not much but I just did my first really freaky cabling thingie where you put three on a needle, knit two, then knit one off the needle and then do something or other else sort of scary (sorry, drug-enhanced memory here) and I got it done without blowing anything up. This pattern really is well-written.

I'm finding the Cascade is a little splittier than I'd like, and I wouldn't mind if the Addi needles had a slightly pointier point. Otherwise, all is good and the colour is utterly gorgeous. This baby's going to get finished.

It won't be perfect, but it'll be finished.

Due to the addition of drugs this evening, I'm not risking Eris but have been knitting on these fingerless gloves on my new Brittany Birch needles. I like the pattern but hate the picot bindoff so we're going to skip that step. I'm also not so sure about the Brittany needles. I think I ordered them too short (5" -- wtf was I thinking?) and they aren't as pointy as I like. I think it may just be a case of having been spoiled because the only other wood needles I've used have been Lantern Moons. The LMs were about four times the price ... and worth every penny.

I shall attempt to do something or other more constructive tomorrow, like maybe even take pix of the Eris progress, but right now I'm going to have to go lie on my head. I really don't feel bad but I'm thinking that getting 9 hours of sleep is going to be a little wiser than sitting up wrestling with knitting all night.

Talk to you tomorrow. Or to anyone, FSM willin' and the creek don't rise.

Feel better horse-bunny. I mean hoarse bunny.

I had a terrifically hellish day yesterday and I decided to drink a margarita in the tub whilst soaking in the salts you sent me. I was SHINEY when I got out! SHINEY. Me! And I smelled nice. And I was sleepy. Where can one buy these salts of shiney sleepiness by the truck load?

BTW, your special order untype-able verification thingie is still working great.
I hope you feel better soon. But I swear, didn't you post this last year? I am having this weird deja-vu thing going on. Ugh.

I'm sure your voice is totally sexy. Yeah, I'm a freak.
I love it when I lose my voice and sound all sexy. hahaha. Hope you get better soon. And, where are the pictures you promised a few posts ago?? lol!
Yay for learning those crazy cables. Jenna is a genius at design, glad you're enjoying her pattern!
Hope you find your vox again soon! :)
Hope the voice comes back soon. I've had this stupid chest cold for 2 weeks now and I'm real tired of coughing. STUPID PHLEGM. Take care of yourself and heal. The Eris will look fabulous!
Yeah, the pointiness factor of the Addis does kind of suck. I've heard the KnitPicks ones are pointier and the cable is good and they're also 1/2 the price. Might be a winner.
I was very disappointed in the brittany needles. I liked the length and I can live with their duller points, but they break. I've never broken a bamboo one, but three of the 2.5's broke and a couple of the 2.75's. They did replace the first one, but I don't know if I have the nerve to ask for the hwole set.
so, if you've decided you loathe the Brittany's, let me know. I love them. Dont' know why -- we won't count how many size 1's I've broken -- but I love working with them...

meanwhile, may your voice return --
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