Thursday, September 07, 2006


Shut Up

That's what the doctor said to me when I went to visit her today.

"Go home, drink fluids, shut up."

She didn't specify that the fluids should be beer but then again she didn't say they shouldn't, so ... *g*

Anyhow, apart from sounding like a Canada Goose -- that is when I can make a noise at all -- I'm actually feeling just fine. I spent the day knitting for myself and completed this:

Voila. My first fingerless glove.

The cast on was too loose. So was the bind off. The thumb has some hastily-inserted fancy stitching in the background so you can't see the holes where I got stupid when picking up the stitches.

I love it with a passion and have already cast on the next one. Pattern from Knitty, wool is Cascade 220 in denim, needles 5" Brittany Birch dpns.

Gonna go knit some more.


Those are truly lovely! Love the color, love the cables, love the fit.
Definitely much nicer without the silly picot bind off. I can't remember the last thing I actually finished...
That " drink liquids" thing WAS pretty vague..
Very nice!! Thanks for the pic. Great color.
I think it looks great.
I feel like I was there. It looks gorgeous. You CAN knit something other than dishcloths! (ducking)
I love it. Nice.
Very nice. Nice color too. I congratulate the effort for the thumblet, particularly since I can't bring myself to do anything so small. Looks fine to me.
Feel better.
I think it's pretty much expected that you'll use the ends from the thumb to darn a bit. I've always had to, anyway...maybe I just suck?

I hate having to shut up, and I imagine you do to.
In the meantime, I will be pleased to call anyone you specify an "arsebeagle." I would consider it the same as running errands for a pal with a broken leg.

I think the glove looks lovely.
The glove looks great.
Of course you should drink beer - it's liquid bread! It's good for what ails you! At least that's what I've always told myself. Perhaps next time I shall try it with butter. Mmmm.
damn I miss beer. But no beer for me, liquid bread indeed, can't have that either. make mine gin, please, that doesn't have wheat in it. make it a double. Love the little mitt, it's darling. look at you cabling!
How strange! Three weeks ago, I had exactly the same problem - lost my voice for about 5 days, felt mildly crummy, but not really too bad. Last week, my aunt came down with the same thing. We both live in the Seattle area - maybe there's some sort of Pacific Northwest Throat Virus going around?

At any rate, if you're on the same schedule as she and I, you should be feeling much better tomorrow. (Here's hoping!)
Beautiful cabling on the gloves! And that's just about my favourite shade of blue.

BTW, my two step-grandbabies were born at your real job (one of their other grandmas nurses there). They do a good job on babies & moms there.

Also btw, no one shop is great for everyone but my daughter & I liked the attitude at "that" shop, I've got a pretty long fuse re getting frustrated when people are trying as hard as they seemed to be. On the other hand, Anacrossstitch in Anacortes (we stopped in there on the way to see the Harlot last Sun) - ooh la la. I got some Noro out of the sale bin, at U$4.48/skein. Soooo pretty! Nice people too.
Very nice work!

I won't tell you to drink clear liquids only but I will recommend drinking warm liquids continually to soothe your throat (ole singer trick to get through those 3 day retreats). Throw in a dash of whisky in that lemon tea. ;)
Freaking cute! And I raise my cold can of beer to you! Cheers, my dear! I hope you feel better soon! PS-Rash better! Possible corn allergy. Serious, in-depth testing taking place. Pass the tortilla chips please.
How about hot toddies? That ought to satisfy pretty much all the liquid requirements mentioned.

Great mitts...they are high up on my list of projects to knit on.
Hope you feel better. What a crafty stalker you are... I should have gotten the rodent reference. Thanks again, you rock.
Love the mits! Gorgeous color!
Sorry about the laryngitis/goose honking loss of voice. My own cure...wild honking goose sex for 3 may not be able to speak, but you really won't care!:=)
Oooh! I need some of those. :) Very nice!
I like yours better than Knitty's.
Those are beautiful! You are sooo much more of a knitter than you claim....

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