Friday, September 01, 2006


Selfish September

I'm sure Ann's calling it something nicer, but September is here, and it's time to pamper myself. Or at least acknowledge myself as a human being or something.

Knitters, at least in my experience, tend to give away everything they make, leaving themselves wandering about in horrible K-Wal cardigans and holey socks.

For this month (and likely this month alone) I pledge that the first row off my needles on any day upon which I knit, will be knit on something for myself.

So today, right after midnight, I grabbed a ball of that blue Cascade 220 and swatched for something I want. I won't post what it is, as I've posted far too many starts and very few endings and don't feel like being embarrassed again. The swatching went badly and I discovered that although I had sufficient yardage, the item I wanted to make would look like ass in that yarn.

It's now sitting happily in the frogpond, awaiting its fate.

In the meantime, I've cast on for a yellow washcloth for myself. Yes, I know, I make millions of these but you see ... I've been evicted from my bedroom. Missy has decided she wants to sleep alone after six years of being glued to me like a leech. This is fine but right now I'm sleeping on the couch and she's got the master bedroom, which she thinks she's keeping.


So I'm in the process of taking the boxes back OUT of the guestroom and making it into her bedroom. At that point I will retake possession of the master bedroom and paint the ensuite bathroom in something reddish. All of the bathmats and washcloths and such will be yellow, hence, the casting on of the wascloth. Just for me, to be used exclusively in my own little bathroom.

As soon as, you know, I can get the Sheriff's office to get her out of there.

But better to discover "ass" in a swatch than in a finished garment for one's self!

And I solemnly swear that SOMEDAY I'm going to take an oath just like you and Ann!
I agree ... better to find out now than when you look in the mirror to "see how it looks."

Hey, good luck with the bedroom exchange!
If you serve the eviction notice now, in 30 days you can have your bedroom back.

Just sayin'
Good luck evicting her. I hate to say this ('cuz it sounds pathetic) but we totally re-did my 7 year-old's bedroom this summer - complete with the new loft bed she wanted but she's still spending her nights sleeping with her legs propped up on my considerable butt. She totally refuses to leave my bed - ever!
Good luck with the eviction - that's gonna take some doing. What ever happened to Eris though!? Did I miss something?
uh oh, I think that comment just made me 'the yahoo in the back row'. oh well, not the first time, won't be the last. *mwah*
I knew a little girl who very rationally described to anyone who would listen that it was only fair that since she and her sister shared a room, it should be the biggest one with the bathroom. Her mom should have the little one, and share the bathroom with her brother. Two bathrooms, two people each. I could not get it through her head that no Mommy is a democracy, because no 11 yr old daughter is paying Mommy's mortgage, so Mommy gets the big room.
I think it would have been easier if I'd just said, "Because she's the mommy, that's why."
I like the selfish september idea. I might actually finish my socks that way. Two rounds, in the morning, before work, every day. Yup, doable.
Mmmm, red.
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