Monday, September 04, 2006


Selfish September, Day Four

Bah! I'm going back to work at my "real" job tonight. No more surfing the 'net and making snarky posts while knitting.

Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

I've been knitting for myself every single day and should have an Eris progress picture for tomorrow. Not a lot of progress, but it's there. I have also almost finished something else I've been going on about for oh, a year or more. I'm going to shut up until it's a finished object, just so everyone doesn't throw rotten tomatoes at my house or something. Because I know you're all like that.

And now, to distract you ...

Pictures of the Fair

a small child (mine), posing on a carousel

a large rabbit, pretending to be a harmless carousel animal

there were sheep. this was the cutest one

there were goats. most of them looked stoned

there was a small, shorn llama

there was a large, dirty, unshorn llama. it's not dead. it's just pining for the fjords

I was pretty disappointed by the lack of animals, in particular the lack of llamas and the maybe four, five sheep. Of course this fair is mostly about raking in the dough with the rides and the games (my kid's one hell of a sharp-shooter when it comes to the dart games, btw. Came home with six prizes, and not just the little ones, either! I'm never playing darts with her.). All in all it was a fantastic time. I'm looking forward to our "girls day out" again next summer.

And now back to the daily drudge.

Pining for the fjords - you kill me!

Frankly, if I ever saw a rabbit that looked like that one heading in my direction, I'd run like hell. Kind of Killer-Bunny-ish in my book...
Yeah, I was wondering why a llama would be pining for the fjords, too. That must be a joke I'm not getting.
I'm with Rachel - that was a creepy-ass rabbit. I thought it was a jackal.
That is one evil looking rabbitch - uh, I mean rabbit :)
The author of this post has been sacked.
Darlin', this is an ex-llama.
I was a sharp-shooter when it came to darts at that age too. Good idea to watch out! Last time I played, it was the first time in 5+ years, and I kicked the asses of 3 guys. Hehe stupid boys thinking the girl will be easy to beat.
That llama never wanted to work at a fair anyway. He always wanted to be... a lumberjack!
"It is bereft of life, it has ceased to be, it has gone to meet its maker", said the customer.

"'s just resting", said the shop owner.

;-) LOL

anne marie in philly
You found a llama with a mullet!
Matthew and I saw a llama this weekend. It spat on him. That was the end of the treats for the llama.
Little Mini-Rabbitch has quite the model pout going on there. She could become a combo darts-shark and runway diva and give you a very cushy Old Age.
That rabbit-horse is scary.

Like, now I'm going to have nightmares about rabbit-horses scary.
it's not dead. it's just pining for the fjords...

Bwahahaha! You KILL me!!
beautiful plumage...

and, apropos of nothing, goats are the freakiest animals ever. they have creepy skulls. they look like aliens.
that's all. carry on.
Nah, that llama looks dead. Did you see it move???
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