Sunday, September 03, 2006


Quoth the Asscakes, "Anymore"

I am more crotchety than usual today as my vehicular module decided to become a car-be-q on the way to work and I had to abandon it 12 blocks away. It'll be fine to drive it home later, I just didn't have enough time to wait for it to cool down before work. This of course means that I'll have a 12-block walk at midnight to get to my poor old car and then pour in a gallon or two of water so that I can get home.

I fortunately broke down right across the street from a school friend of my daughter's. I went over and asked the mommy to call me a cab so I could get to work and even though she was at home, and washing her own car, she didn't think to even offer to give me a lift the 12 blocks to work so I could get here on time. Some folks got no couth whatsoever.

Yeah, I know, she wasn't obligated to and perhaps she had some other pressing commitment, but I know if it was me or my parents in the same situation, we would have either offered to drive the person or would have said "I'd offer to drive you myself, but ..."

So anyhow, that's why I'm feeling just a little miffed this afternoon. That, plus the fact that I've been here for at least six hours already and the clock tells me it's only been two hours and 23 minutes, not that I'm counting.

And now for the rant.

OK, I'm aware that the English language is becoming increasingly less formal, and that nobody is running about pouncing on people and taking then into dark rooms to be beaten for transgressing the laws of grammar and spelling.

In general, I approve, as long as there is still room for those of us who are, shall we say, perhaps a tad pedantic to use big words from time to time. And use them correctly, at that.

I mean, in years gone by, I would have likely been stoned for writing the way I do. Nowadays, one just assumes that I'm stoned even before I start writing. It would certainly account for much.

However ... however ... I really don't think I can tolerate this assish business of ramming words together to make one "new" word. I've been seeing "anymore" more and more often of late and I've gotta say, it's just picking my ass (this is an expression we used with impunity in high school and it still makes me giggle, which pretty much tells you how mature I am. But I digress).

How difficult is it to type a three letter word, a space, and then a four letter word? Any more. There, you can do it!

It's hardly rocket surgery, people. (Neither is it brain science).

Please see to it that this transgression does not occur again within my sight.

Thank you.

The one that flies all over me is "moreso", as in "A is just like B, only moreso." It's TWO WORDS, people! Let's get with the program!
Hah! Because you're too far away to smack me, can I just say you're being a tinch inconsistent? I mean, what's wrong with leaving a space in "ass cakes"? I'm just sayin'.

That stuff bugs me too, though (not asscakes, the other stuff). I'm with Janice on the moreso, only more so.
Seeing you can't smack me in return, there's no such word as "tinch". You may have meant "tad" or "pinch" or ... HEY you're just trying to get me all riled up, aren't you?
Um, I hate to correct your pedantry, but "anymore" is an adverb that means "nowadays" or "presently," as in "I don't live there anymore."

Two words, "any more" means (a) Anything or something additional or further; as, I do not need any more. (b) Adverbially: Further; beyond a certain time; as, do not think any more about it.

You should not be any more pissed about anymore anymore.
Nonononono. No.

I am in Camp #1. There is no such word.

There is, however, such a word as "Asscakes".

(And although I do not believe that "anymore" ever has or will be a word, the context in which it was used and which specifically pissed me off was incorrect, even if I concede that it's an adverb. Which it isn't.)
Sadly, these are most likely the same people who think that "a lot" is one word.

Now, if only I could get my engineers to understand the difference between "in" and "on."
zardra is my friend, i tell you. seriously, the "alot" thing - i saw a print ad recently that had that non-word word in it - like it was a real word! holy crap! it makes me shudder whenever i see it.

don't get me started on "tonite" versus "tonight". christ.
I completely agree on the "a lot" verdict. There is a word, allot, but that basically means to allocate, not a bunch of something. Alot is not a word! There's a space in there!
SHALL we get started on the joining of people's names?
Like, BENNIFER? For one.
THAT is annoying.
i'm with norma -- anymore is a word when used as an adverb. maybe you do things differently in canada.

alot "picks" my ass. never seen moreso until today -- maybe a canadian thing.

want to send me over the edge though? say "could care less" to mean "couldn't care less." IT'S NOT THE SAME THING! could care less means that you still kind of care.

think about it people!!!!
Last time I had car trouble, it pissed me off to a degree that I decided not to drive anymore. Maybe you should get a bike?

As for any more/anymore, I'm in camp 3 simply because when I was in school I was taught there is a distinct difference in meaning. I suspect you're in camp 1 because you were taught anymore was simply wrong. Oddly, all 3 camps are right. Language is a living thing. The rules change, and this is an example of a rule that's changing in our lifetime.
Oh, I'm SO with you! Anymore, alot, alright--these non-words fry my ass big time. And Maryse, you've won my undying friendship for your comdemnation of the useless phrase "I could care less". How is this not obvious to people?? Rant away, Rabbitch. I've got your back.
I am guilty of all aforementioned offences. However, I blame them on my crappy typing skills and a brain that runs faster than my appendages. My peeve is 'wreak havoc' has somehow become 'wreck havoc' WTF is up with that?
Good, then I'll bitch about the word "anyways". There's no friggin S.

Also, this one drives me to the brink: "the thing is is that.."

And "these ones". Likewise, "those ones".

Alright, now I'm all pissed off. I get like that alot anymore, not that you could care less.
How about "commentate"? I thought that one "commented" on a subject? Or "notate" -- don't you just make a "note"?
"Alright" and "alot" are my pet peeves. So is mispronouncing "data". I could go on with more grammar and syntax inconsistencies but there isn't enough room.

And what's with the woman who wouldn't even offer you a lift? Did you look like you were going to commit murder and mayhem? (probably after not being offered a lift)
The misuse of "its/it's." The fact that a theater production for "A Wonderful Life" have banners all over the city saying, "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets it's wings!" made me NOT go see it.
respitory. orientate. administrate.


and you are the only other dame i've heard use 'pick my ass' - it too was my high school expression!
I'd love to add my thoughts here but I'm going to be way too busy double checking 3 years worth of posts.
Here's mine: "comprised of"

I see it on official business correspondence all the time.

Dude, the committee is not "comprised of" members. The commmittee is composed of members. The members comprise the committee.
Oh Lord - these were the BEST comments ever! How about adding apostrophes to everything thereby turning the word into a possessive noun? I see it signs, restaurant signs, bus ads...etc., etc. (Oh, and another peeve is ect., ect.!!!) I want to FREAK OUT when I see something like "fresh baked cookie's" AAAGH! Oh, and "orientate"?? Don't even get me started. Just hearing the word makes me see red. I work with a girl who always uses the word "complicating", as in "so-and-so's instructions are complicating".

Sigh. Rabbitch - thanks for doing this post. It made my day!
I've to say this. I just have to. Anymore is a word. But not like people think it is. It means "nowadays." Now, most people disagree, but the way it ought to be used is kinda like " listening to that hip-hop and running around with their pants around their ankles anymore." That, according to one of the dictionaries I read (Webster's Dictionary for Students) is specifically how it ought to be used. So, while "anymore" is a word, you'd better be damn sure you're using it right before you try and tell me it's just one word.
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