Friday, September 22, 2006


Now and Zen

I'm still here, folks, trying to maintain my oasis of Zenlike calm amidst the madness.

Let's see ... the schedule for the last couple of days:


Get home from work at 6:30am, make kid's lunch, do an hour of paperwork, realize the time, run around screaming in circles, get the kid dressed and take her, poorly-groomed, to school, only about two and a half minutes late.

Get home, find oneself unable to sleep due to the running in circles and screaming thingie. Have a bath, finally get warm enough, sleep three hours.

Get up, realize the time, run around screaming in circles, get the husband and the self dressed and take them, poorly-groomed, to school to pick up the child. Wait at the school for 45 minutes. Have a parent-teacher conference in which you discover that your supplies-choosing skills are flawed, and that you owe $5.

Discover that this year's teacher is a human being, and draw a huge sigh of relief.

Drive husband to school through a horrendous gridlock, swooping through a fast-food drive-through on the way for your first (and possibly only) "nourishment" of the day.

Drive home, realize that you have to go back out and buy some groceries, run around screaming for a bit, do some banking, buy groceries, come home, do laundry, wash dishes, bake cookies (watch out Martha Stewart) and make it to work (again poorly-groomed) only two minutes late.

Work all night.


Come home at 6:30am, try to get warm, search online for a knitted pattern for something horrible you are making for a friend, wake husband so he can go get uniform for new job. Make breakfast for child, sleep three hours, get up and go back to sleep for the next three or four hours, feeding child in the "waking up" portions of this routine. Get up, run around screaming for a bit, make coffee, fold laundry, wash dishes, clean carpet (unsupervised lunch incident), fold laundry, make more cookies (really, I'm not well), blog so that everyone knows you're alive, call mother-in-law to wish happy birthday, take a very fast shower, head to work.

Work all night.

Anticipated Saturday Schedule:

Leave work at 6am, find a way to buy a birthday present AND get home by 6:30. Sleep three hours, take child (likely poorly-groomed) to birthday party, come home, nap for about 45 minutes, pick up child, run around screaming for a bit, pack up food and knitting, head to work for the 4 to midnight shift (counting on husband being home by 3:30 from his 7-3 shift so that this is possible). Get to work, make coffee, read blogs (thank FSM for internest access at the "other" job), knit. Maybe run around screaming a bit.

Get home at midnight. Drink a bit.

Fall on face.

Yes. Positively Zenlike. Anyhow, that's why I'm not posting much. Watch for knitting updates on Sunday, methinks. I've finished another washcloth for myself (which I know gets you all moist with envy), am about a foot into the red scarf for that horrible Norma, am still stuck at 7" on Eris because I lost the damned thing for a week (don't ask) and I've got half a mitt completed for Ann's mitten drive.

And now I have about ten minutes to call my mother-in-law, grab a shower and pack food for the night before running out the door.

Don't you wish you were me? Admit it, c'mon. You do and we all know it.

ps dining room still looks good. we will not discuss the living room or kitchen

What's with all the cookies? Leave out the cookies and it's all perfectly doable. *snork*
That doesn't sound like Zen.... more like Taoism. *grin*

I made it through the Thursday of Doom... so you should be able to do this just fine. :)
I'm exhausted just from reading that! And I thought I was busy.
Gawd. At least all my craziness takes place during daylight -- the all night thing would put me 6 feet under.
I need to go back to bed after reading that.
The running around screaming in circles seems to help. Thank you for that moment of zen.
Ah-h-h, do you give lessons on the "running around in circles screaming" part? I could use some ...
oh my gosh, are you still alive? Did you make it through this whole weekend? AAAAAAAHHH
you wear me out, just reading. and yes, we do go about screaming a bit in the mornings here, ourselves.
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