Thursday, September 28, 2006


Mid-Week Blogging

Some assweasel keeps phoning and waking me. All day long. About once an hour.

Dear people, if you are going to phone me, please note that I do not answer the phone during the day, but if you call once and leave one message, there is a good chance I will return your call at some point.

Anyhow, the reason for this whine is that I'm so exhausted that I can't even get spinning or knitting or anything time. I'm completely trashed. Writing a rant (and I have two ... two ... ready for your reading pleasure) is completely out of the question until the weekend.

The good thing about having two rants half-way ready is that some time soon I'll be abusing two blogs at the same time. In between posting my favourite recipes for cheeseburgers and Ritz Cracker Mock Apple Pie and showing you how to crochet a cover for your toilet paper roll that looks JUST like a poodle, I shall no doubt find ample opportunity for a little ranting and raving.

In the meantime, please go feast your eyes on my new obsession. As soon as I get some time and some land, we're gonna have a few of these babies.

And now I'm heading to work. Likely not to work much.

Careful, doll. Franklin wished for a minature sheep and look what showed up.
oh god. those are the cutest little things i've ever seen.
I want one too. They're so damn cute and look so soft!

Can't wait for the ranting to begin - you are the BEST ranter :)
OMG! Those sheep might be the cutest things ever. I could probably keep one in my backyard. . .
OMG I want a couple of those sheep! Too freakin' cute. Wonder if I could smuggle one across the border without getting caught.
Babydolls? Any relation to Lucy?
Aggghhhhhh! So cute! I would love one too but somehow I don't think it would get along with my pups too well.
Holy Cow! Or sheep. They are so cute, I thought they were stuffed animals & actually read on to see how to get one! My stuuupid. Look forward to the next rant...
dude, those will totally fit in that huge backyard of yours. Hell, you could probably keep one alive just mowing the front! I say go for it. no time like the present!
What cut sheep! Apartment sized, heh, but can they be potty trained?
First off, wtf? You posted this Thursday and stupid bloglines told me about it at 5 pm on Friday.

As for the Babydoll sheep, the wool is rather nice. I got some a while back from a lady in Minnesota, I think. It's fluffy. :)
I never saw sheep smile before...and they would make dandy little lawncare critters.
Those sheep really are cute! And I'm sure their cuteness is increased since we can't smell them.
they are so cute. just as well they wouldn't do well as a housepet, or i'd have to find another $800 to get one.
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