Wednesday, September 13, 2006


In Which Proof of Actual Knitting is Presented

I am still sick. Not dying, not sounding like a Canada Goose, but definitely snot-filled and sort of bronchitis-y. Nice. Just the time of year you exepct to get this sort of thingie.

The car is also still sick but due to an upturn in fortunate circumstances Ch├ęz Lapin, it should shortly be if not in tip-top condition (because no way in hell am I going to invest that much cash in a 17-year-old van) at least in less danger of exploding on me as I merrily drive to work.

Which is good, as I usually have wool with me, sometimes good wool and I'll bet when the paramedics got to the scene of the explosion they wouldn't even THINK to pull the wool out of the wreckage. And oh FSM, what if I lost my Lantern Moons? It is to shudder.

So yeah, things are going ok, and I've been sticking to my Selfish September pledge and have been knitting for me, first every single day.

And here we have, lounging beside my favourite mug:

half of the second fingerless glove. i love this mug, ferociously. i have never been to vegas but now i don't need to since a coworker brought this back for me. it is full of very hot, very good coffee.

the first 4.5" of eris. observe the cabley goodness. observe that it will take me until three weeks after i'm dead if i continue at this pace. observe that i don't care, i'm a process knitter.

And now I have to go and do some laundry. It would appear that I don't do laundry while I'm on vacation. Neither do I do it while I'm sick. Unless I want to go to work commando, in my wedding dress, I'm thinking I'd better get on this.

Stay tuned for further painfully-slow knitting progress.

Commando would be okay, but the dress might be too much. ;^)
Love the's been on my to do list since it first came out. Hope you start feeling better.
Love the colour you have chosen for Eris.

Sorry things didn't work out for the spin-in. But there is an upside to that. One less person to see me screw up my presentation.

Um, I'd pay to see commando in the wedding dress. I think it should be de rigeur periodically.
Half a mitt? Hmmm. Awww, who am I kidding? It's taken me three weeks to get a good 3 inches on a chemo cap. At this rate, her hair will have grown back.

Take care of yourself. Get better.
Looking really good on both scores.

Get better, ya hear?
Glad to hear the car isn't going to explode - Sheesh - can't be taking chances with wool. Sorry you're still snotty, I mean snot-filled ;)
I didn't know there was any other way to wear a wedding dress BUT commando.
LVOE the color you picked for your eris - it's going to be fabulous, they can bury you in it.
what a great me me me. my favourite person! I will take the same pledge and blame you when i lose my hair in november due to xmas knitting..

Commando in a wedding dress....hmm...never thought of that. Then again, I got married on the beach in a bikini and a never mind. But I'm loving the Eris. The cables look awesome and the color is just so yummy. Hope to find you feeling better soon!
Wooo Eris! It looks fabulous. I LURRVE the red. Hey, it's not about the Quantity, it's about the Quality, right?
Sorry you are sick and I will hauk up a loogie for you in sympathy. This damn cold must be travelling all the way up and down the coast, seems like everyone has it. People on the street stop to offer me cough drops.
Stupid laundry, wish it would do itself.
I like painful...and I like slow. But, as much as I am trying to maintain this 'firm competition' other side so you can prove marq wrong...I am truly sorry you're sick. Car I share this with you, too. My car has 306,000 miles on it, half a door missing on the inside, and very few 'luxury' functions - though proof that I am cursed - the clock works!
you should write a knitting book.
I too love the red--what is the color? Last night I read back a bunch of posts but could not find whether you mentioned it. I want me some of that yarn!!! (I do have two sweater's worth of Cascade yarn but in very yucky colors. I plan to die the yarn but it's going to be hard in a NYC studio apartment.)
Commando in a wedding dress? Why not? Raise some eyebrows!
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