Friday, September 15, 2006


I Guess It's Time ... For Me To Give Up

I guess it's time.

Called "my mechanic" yesterday. I know his fiancee's kid goes to my kid's school but I couldn't get his number, and the two numbers I have for him were out of service.

Damned if I'm letting The Annoying Small Hairy-Backed Frenchman fix my car again, seeing it looks like the problem is with the part he replaced last year. Which shouldn't need replacing for another 10 years or so. Yeah, that part.

So anyhow I drove to work last night and the van started SPEWING great gouts of smoke. This struck me as wrong.

I got to work in one (smelly) piece and worked all night. The van did the same thing on the way home this morning and I parked it at the side of the road and cabbed it home.

It was probably safe enough to drive home, but fuck that noise. I honestly thought it was on fire at one point.

Which, again, seems wrong. (I know you'll find it startling that I'm not a licenced mechanic myself, with this razor-sharp insight into the workings of the internal combustion engine.)

So it's being towed to a repair shop in the morning and on Monday they'll call me to give me an estimate and tell me if it's even worth doing surgery or if I should just have it put to sleep.

If they can fix the radiator and thermostat thingie enough that I can keep it going another year, then all is well. At this point I'll take six months. Um, but I've gotta have it back for Tuesday for the first guild meeting of the season.

Wish me luck. I've given up trying -- it's all in someone else's hands now. Me, I'm going to bed to try to get another hour of sleep before bussing it in to work tonight. Um, that is, if my babysitter can come early enough for me to bus it in.


UGH! Hate car troubles, but thankfully you have that mechanical mind and knew something wasn't right and pulled over! Here's wishing your van a speedy (and not too costly) recovery!
::: crosses fingers ::::
Although I am also not a mechanic, my powers of Ratiocination indicate that cars should NOT do that, especially not when one is trying to drive them.
Good luck with the fixing/replacing!! My last "OMG must have car NOW" experience started badly (as in: my car experiencing spontaneous brake failure leading to crashing into someone and car being totalled)(and the guy got DEPORTED, but that was his fault), and ended well in that I got a much nicer car for a better price than expected because car sales were way down (as they are now!). I will do my best to pass on luck!
Sometimes I`m glad I don`t have a car...even tonight, when I`m getting on a bus at 2am to yet another show.
One of the problems with the internal combustion engine is sometimes the combustion doesn't stay internal enough.
aw geez. Good luck with the car problems, hope it isn't too bad.
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