Saturday, September 30, 2006



My 6am relief called in this morning about 1:00am, or actually his roommate did. He was too sick to come in.

My first thought was concern, as I care about this dude. My second thought was concern for me ... aren't I damned near dead from this lack of sleep thingie? Didn't I promise my girlfriend that I would take her kids tonight? Don't I have things that have to be done, such as laundry?

My third thought was, "Dude. I wonder how much knitting I can get done."

Anyhow, a) I think he'll be ok, b) they got someone to cover from 8:30 onwards so I got some sleep and got the laundry done and c) almost a whole mitten, apart from the thumb.

Knitting updates tomorrow, complete with pictures. Tonight it's "make the children shut up and then fall on your head" night.

Poor baby! I get half a night off tonight, and if that were cancelled, I would just cry.....
Seriously, dude, GET SOME SLEEP! You'll do no one good if you fall over!
Besides, a tired knitter with pointy sticks is a homocidal maniac waiting to be pushed to the edge! :)
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