Sunday, September 17, 2006




Yes, I am clearly an assgerbil and it should have been a cheesy fake German accent you were all singing in, not a cheesy fake French one. So if anyone's been singing with the wrong fake cheesy accent, please stop immediately and start again with the other one.

Thank you to everyone who pointed out that it was the lovely Miss D. who sang that. Clearly I should be taking more medication. I think I got her mixed up with Celine Dion or something.

So anyhow, as I wallow in a little embarrassment here, I shall try to divert your attention with a picture of the second finished mitt:

I love this mitt bigtime, and have immediately cast on a second pair, in lighter yarn and a smaller gauge, as MissyMoo has demanded a set of her own. (she tried to get me to let her go to sleep with these on tonight)

I have a horrible case of startitis tonight and we will not mention what else I've cast on. It's a sickness, I tellya. That or a surfeit of gorgeous yarn that I really need to fondle. I think I'll go with that one.

I will work on Eris again tomorrow night in the peace and quiet of work. Pictures of progress on Tuesday.

But anyhow, there you go. An FO. And for anyone who thought I couldn't produce one ... well ... FO.

And such.

Oh, it is beautiful! I knew you could do it. I did.
Love the mitt!

(and "assgerbil". I think I'm going to have to start using that one in my daily conversations)
My personal favorite is "Assmuppet"...perfect description of NDH (Nearly-dead husband)!
By the way, if you plan on raiding my crypt (you know, buried in yarn, and all) please remember that there is a curse! Necrotizing startitis! I'm in trouble! :=)
My Mom calls me Missy Moo. I was really surprised when I saw you use it. I thought she made it up!
That mitt is gorgeous, Bakerina is going to have to teach me how to knit.
Do you think it's a portent, that your kidlet and my kidlet both want to SLEEP with everything they like? Where could they have gotten this?
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