Saturday, September 16, 2006


Falling In Love Again ...

You have to sing that with a cheesy French accent, btw. If you have a genuine French accent, then please sing it with a cheesy English accent.

And no, I'm not falling in love again with Mister Assmuppet who is, yet again, proving to be the most selfish man on the planet (I'm not going to rant on and on here; I'm just too tired of dealing with it).

Rather, I am hopelessly in love with the cable cast-on. (and here you thought I was wasting my time at work actually working? hell no, i'm learning new knitting stuffs.)

Why did nobody tell me about this thing before? I shall expect you all to present notes from your mothers explaining this transgression.

Failure to do so shall result in ... aah, taunting or something. Or maybe I'll mail you some acrylic.

be kind, i'm still sick and not really up to being genuinely evil yet. gimme a week or so

edit: please note that an excellent explanation of the cable cast-on (and several others) can be found here. Enjoy!

Cabled cast on?

Appears I have something new to learn as well...

(btw, my cheesy french accent resembles Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, which plays incessantly at our house.)
OK, I will be sure to let my mother know she neglected me terribly to NOT teach me that wonderful little cast-on. Being that I had to teach myself the knit-on method, I'm at a loss to remember WHAT cast-on the woman taught me so my Barbie could have clothes over that stupid swimsuit because dad wouldn't buy anything else for her!

No cheesy accent for me ... English OR French, I'm afraid; I only know toddler songs! I know, sick at my age, but too late ...
I'm innocent!

I'm too busy muddling thru short row toes to learn a new way to cast on.
Yes, cable cast on is lovely, but it should actually be a cheesy German accent, Marlene Dietrich style. Falling een loff again, Vot am I to do...
And we were to know this, how? {hand firmly on hips, pouting}

Gaps in your knitting education? For shame!

(Didn't learn that one myself until just recently {hangs head})
Hey, I only learned it earlier this year after assuming I knew everything there was to know in knitting. But have you ever found it leaves a row of little holes at the end of the piece? Great for picking up if that's what you want to do, but not always ideal. OK, I've probably been doing something wrong.

Now the double-needle cast on, the triple sulka twined overhead leap cast on, the Ukrainian troika cast on, those are still Greek to me...
Oh my dear, the cable cast-on. Yes. Lovely. Use it all the time. Let's you and me grab a bottle of cheap booze and cable cast-on together all night long. Woof!
The cable cast-on is probably my favorite way to cast-on too. Glad you joined the exclusive CCC -- Cable Cast-On Club! We'll be sending information on the initiation rituals real soon now. Have a goat ready.
(singing) "Fallin' in luft aghain..." Yep. Definitely Detrich! Gotta try cabled cast-on now, do I? Hell, I just discovered Combination knitting ! (Check later for a post about this!)
Thanks for stopping by the blog! I promise, if I die, you get at least a bit of the yarn, since you seem to understand how yarn just keeps "showing up". I tried to explain this to my personal Assmuppet, but, you know how they are! :)
Well, if you had asked me, I would have told you, for sure, 'cause that's the only cast-on I know! That's the first one I've learnt and the only I've needed so far, so I haven't yet felt the urge to learn the others... Maybe one day I'll discover them and fall in love too!?!
Dear Rabbitch,

First of all what IS a rabbitch? It sounds vaguely profane and I'm not sure YOUR mother doesn't have some explaining to do about that. However, please excuse Jenifleur from not explaining the cable cast on to you. She tells me that had she tried you would have fought bitterly and with tears and possibly wailing also and therefore she thought you'd learn best by not being taught.

Jenifleur's Mom
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