Thursday, September 14, 2006



I got a couple more inches on Eris done last night, but of course my almost-broken camera doesn't want to cooperate and really I'm too lazy to put up with its tantrums right now. I'm almost at the end of the second chart. Of, like five. For the right-hand side of the collar alone. I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking when I took this on, seeing my only experience with cabling has been one headband but what the hell. It's not going to be perfect but it'll be great practice for my next one.

The wool, for those who asked, is Cascade 220 in colour 2401 - Cabernet. I really like it.

The car is getting sicker by the minute and I can't find my mechanic's phone number, so either it goes to a shop (where I will pay at least six times as much) or gets replaced tomorrow. I'm getting sicker too, it seems, and I really can't deal with it having to be filled twice and overheating once on a 15-km trip.

please note, the "getting sicker" of me is likely an illusion. i'm just drinking some tea that acts as an expectorant and we won't go into any nasty details but let's just say I'm not feeling fine right now.

Blrph. It's raining and I think I feel betrayed (isn't it supposed to be still summer?) and I also feel chilly (trying not to put on the heat until October).

I think I'll just sit in here and knit the rest of that blue mitt and sulk for a bit.

Pictures tomorrow. It's my "sleep-in" day so I'll be a little more human, promise.

Oh poor Rabbitch... I do hope you feel better soon. And since Asphalta (the Goddess of Motorized Vehicles) smiled upon me today when my car needed reviving, I shall sacrifice several hard-ciders to her in your name :)
Enjoy your sleep-in day!
You're getting sick too often - you can track it on your blog, you know. If I were more anal I'd go make a chart, but I'm not, thank FSM.

Waiting patiently to see Eris.

Cars suck.
Eris has been my first big cabling project, too. Just keep plugging away at it--yours looks lovely!

I'm on the first sleeve of mine and am already plotting an intricate aran sweater, self-designed. Lol, my brother will be the willing victim.
Snot's snot funny (heh.) Sorry you aren't well.

Eris is beautiful - I salute you.

Commiseration about the vehicle - mine died again yesterday after being "fixed" last month. Thankfully this repair was much less expensive.

It has rained here all week - after a summer long drought the pastures are green again and my lawn needs to be cut but I'm feeling a little moldy. I have put the furnace on - just a little. The sun is supposed to come out this weekend, please please please.
Sorry to hear you're still feeling sick! You really should take better care of yourself *wags finger*! Seems like you get sick too often. Maybe more yarn will help :P (doesn't that cure everything).

Take care of you!
Ha! I was shivering last night but I refuse to put the heat on until October too!
I'm sorry you're sick and the van is sick. I hope you feel better soon because you have to come over and play!
I got in late on this one. What is Eris? Is it anything like one of the fiendish Starmore patterns?

Am I allowed to ask whereabouts you are in BC? (Will be over there at the end of the month and always interested in knowing about good local yarn stores etc.)
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