Monday, September 25, 2006


Don't Come 'Round Here No More

Those who are observant about that sort of thing may note that there is no longer an icon on the sidebar for a webring I used to be a member of.

The old admin. was cool, but overwhelmed. She asked me in October of last year if I'd take it over and I said yes even though I didn't have the time, but heard nothing more (so I wasn't sure if she was serious or just mocking me or maybe didn't get the email.)

Anyhow, this month I received an email saying that there was a new person taking care of it (yay! and it wasn't me!) and giving us instructions on how to get the new code we needed to put on our blogs.

I tried, three times, to do it and it didn't work. I sent an email asking for assistance and got back a message saying "Excuse me for asking, but are you drunk? Your info says you blog drunk a lot. No offense."

Large amounts of offense were taken. The code has been removed from my sidebar. They can get along without me.

And maybe in between knitting a yurt big enough for all of Mongolia and saving all of our homeless, I'll just start another ring.

You know, like in my copious free time and such.

Holy Shit! What a rude thing to say! I'd have taken large amounts of offense too. So, did you go have a drink after receiving that? :)
Sheesh, there's that old rule about holding things that are ... well ... untoward for 24 hours to see if you still think they're the right thing to send... Mod ought to learn that lesson. Whatever. Start a new ring. I'll join just to spite 'em.
wow.. I love when people say something really offensive and then say "no offense" afterwards like its some sort of fix for being an ass.
That's sort of an "eye popper" rude!

"Minnesota Nice" would NEVER allow that sort of comment directly back to someone; of course, we might say it behind someone's back, but NEVER directly! Can I send this blogger a bottle of "Minnesota Nice"? :-)
Wow! That was rude. Sorry, I did laugh right out loud when I read it, though. But, then I took some large amounts of offense for you. Then, I laughed again. I can't believe someone would send that. Think, but not send. Sorry, I'm still laughing.
Wow. That's rude.
How about a 'crusty knitters and spinners on an impossible budget working their as..s off and, thus, too tired and taxed to be nice when some barbie with a grudge decides to spring like a lion with no teeth' ring? I'm so there, TRUST ME!

The last rude remark I received ended with 'cheers'. As if I would exchange cheers with someone who is insulting, boring beyond all belief, and tactless to boot!
Rise up spittin', Rabbitch. Think MP Holy Grail little white rabbit!
WOW!!! That's one of the most amazingly rude things ever! I wish I could remember what the ring was so I can avoid that judgmental little *cough*. Yeah, and that "no offense" bit at the end - it's really too bad they picked a high school girl to run the ring. At least they could have picked one of the brainy ones instead of one of the mean ones. Hey, did you ever see the movie "Mean Girls"? Maybe she's using it as a guide . . .
Messages ending with the words "no offense" are usually the most offensive, in my experience.

Okay, so what yurt pattern are you using? Because I was going to use the one Rick Mondragon featured in Knitter's a coupla months ago but I've been to seven yarn shops and four online dealers and I still haven't been able to get enough bulky novelty glitter yarn.

(No offense, Rick.)
Whoa - that's beyond rude. I would have dumped them post-haste, too.
I was *just* about to join said ring, too. No more for me.
Heavens, I went a weekend without checking your blog, and you wrote a damn novel.

"No offense" rates right up there with "I'm not racist or anything but..." and "I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but..."
totally rude - how dare people judge people they don't know
Hey, I'm glad you survived the weekend. Hope you can finally get some sleep.bleh
Dude. The Harlot called you the Expletive Queen. I think we should design a crown. A day crown, an upright crown, as the blue panties are for sleeping.
The good old "No offense"...People who use this should add, no offense, but I'm about to insult you. I think your crown should resemble a hand - with the mid digit at a full straight up attention gesture. If folks don't like it, you can always say,
No offense, but I'm a queen.
Seriously? Wow. You must tell me more, you mean rotten selfish do-gooder bitch. (see, it's all in how you say it. If I'd said, "no offense" first, you totally would have been offended.) Seriously, email me. I must hear more.
The 'Excuse me for asking" is nearly as rich as the 'No offense.' What a prune-faced ninny. Doesn't sound the sort of web-ring one woudld want to belong to anyway.
Do you have a yurt pattern?? I NEED to knit one!! LOL
I've never been to your blog before, although I feel like I know you a bit through comments you leave on others' blogs.

So, I can say with certainty that you are very funny and incredibly kind. So, what the FUCK? (I'm an explitive queen-in-training (not really, I think the training occurred 30 years ago!)

I'm really looking forward to reading more of your blog.

(currently blogless, but planning on changing that soon)
Holy crap! what a rude little #$%^& ^&*()_(&*^& . As for tacking that 'no offense" thing on, what a cop out. Yes, it IS offensive. Twit.
"No, I don't email crackwhores when I've been drinking. No offense."
Seriously, dude.
My response to that (and being a Brit I'm usually pretty drunken) is generally "yeah but in the morning I will be sober. You will still be a rude bitch with an attitude problem. Get over it."
Crazypants! And odd that I dumped all my rings recently off my page and got a form email recently asking me to join. Whatever. If you're not on the ring, then it's not worth being in the party, anyway.
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