Monday, September 25, 2006



In between being all earnest and world-saving and shit and working on the endless mitred square baby blanket (which is now over 80% done and you can see it real soon, honest, unless I forget) I have apparently overlooked introducing you to this blog, which seems to be written by a drunken lunatic with a killer dog.

No, I don't mean the dog is great (although he is -- Hi Petey!) but I suspect he also kills people and buries them in the back yard.

Go take a boo. Then come back. She'll make me seem sober, honest.

It must be scary--my school internet won't go there because of questionable content, and now I really want to see!
Heh - AM is a riot. I've read her for ages, and she's the only one that ties you for first place in the "Makes Me Snort Coffee Out My Nose" category!
OMG, she really is a scream!
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