Tuesday, September 19, 2006




It's Talk Like a Pirate Day again, and not a moment afore time!

Today I got me faithful galleon back from the scurvy dogs who were holdin' her captive. I managed to get her away while losin' only about 80% of me treasure; a small price to pay for such a trusty vessel.

We shall once more be cruisin' the high seas (or perchance the highways) in search of unsuspectin' sheep (and llamas) (but no ducks) from whom to wrest their stinkin' fleece.

Fuck. Pirates don't say "whom" do they? I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it up for long.


Anyhow, I got the van back today, just in time for the first guild meeting of the season. Unfortunately I didn't get childcare arranged in time, as I assumed I wouldn't have the van, and so had to miss the meeting anyhow.

I had it booked off from work, so I decided to celebrate the day by ripping apart my dining room and giving it a bit of a facelift.



I still haven't gotten that great big mirror up on the wall anywhere -- it weighs about 80 lbs and I can't do it myself. As for the rest, I'm pleased.

Who's coming over for dinner?

Your "after" looks lovely but where did you hide all the good stuff that was in the "before" shot.
Raising my hand.

Looks lovely. Mine looks like ass.
yay! don't you have a husband who can help with that mirror? i mean why else have one, if they don't help you lift things ;)
I'm definitely coming to dinner (I'll ride with Hockey Mom).. we'll even help put up the mirror for you!
You can either have me for dinner or come and do that to my dining room -- your choice!
Wait, can you EAT at that table? I haven't seen a clear dining table over here in some while. It's making me a little lightheaded.
I'll come to dinner, too. I'll supervise and tell ya'll where to put the mirror, and tell you if it's crooked! My dining room table has to have craft stuff moved off of it everytime we want to sit down to eat. Yeah, my craft stuff.
I'll come help hang the mirror (and I'll even cook you the dinner, too)...if you come help me do that to my dining room.
That's it! I give up...I can compete with you no longer. You never told me you were a house goddess.

But, as long as you're cooking for everyone else...count me in.
I don't think pirates say "Fuck" either; but hey, you tried!

As for the dining room - what is that thing with the chairs around it? Do you eat there? We use ours as a laundry/mail table - we eat in the living room :-)

What time is dinner?
woo!! Where did you put all the stuff??
That's the problem I have... I have stuff around and no where to put it!!!
(I obviously have too much stuff)
It looks great!!!
me... me... I'll come for dinner..
especially since despite my best efforts, my dining room looks a lot more like your before picture than your after picture (well, except for the bike...)
People use dining room tables for eating? Who knew? Rabbitch, it looks awesome. I'd be there for dinner in a flash...but I fear that the first naked table I've seen in such a very long time might traumatize me.....
Well it's been awhile since I've had popcorn and pancakes so I guess I'm in, too.
Me! Me! Me! You actually -have- a dining room! I don't, so I'm coming over.
Oh yeah. The previous comment was me. But you knew that already. I know.
You are a force to be reckoned with, woman! About that mirror: apparently you don't know about the current decorating trend where flat objects that used to have to be hung on the wall are now leaned against it in a casual manner. Pictures above the fireplace mantel? So last week; now they are ON the mantel. Therefore, you are now officially done with the dining room.

Wait, I'm commenting 2 days after you posted. If your dining room is anything like mine, it's trashed again.
I forgot to say before, but the dining room looks great!

Where the heck are you by the way? I am so in need of some new Rabbitch right now and I've been checking for TWO WHOLE DAYS. A little down and you always make me giggle. Hope you're not still sick!
Ok, you need to come down to CA and help me work the same magic in my living room. :)

I love the candelabra.
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