Sunday, August 27, 2006


Still Got It, After All These Years

Although I may well have forgotten where I put it.

And somehow Blogger decided I wanted to both publish this post and save it as a draft so you got to see a one-sentence post. Almost tempted to leave it just to prove that I can be concise but nah. Nobody'd believe it.

So hey, I went to the beer store tonight, because I'm on vacation (a whole week!) and I deserve to spend some of that time abusing my liver, and as I walked in the door this man held the door for me. And then I heard him say "Janice? Janice (insertmaidennamehere)?" And I looked at him, seeing that's my name and most total strangers don't call me by it so there was a good chance that I knew him.

And it was a guy I first met in my early teens, and used to hook up with about um, 20 or more years ago. (You may interpret "hook up" however you wish, but if the interpretation includes occasions of drunken carnality, then you'd be pretty much in the right ballpark).

So. Seems they can still recognize me 20 years down the road. And remember me fondly enough that they're willing to admit it in public. I may not have aged quite as badly as I've been assuming of late.


so what happened?
Don't scare me. I can't think of a single "hookup" from back then that I would want to be recognized by. My teenaged taste definitely needed refining.
Did you get proofed, too?
But did he age well? Enjoy the time off.
When ya got it, baby, flaunt it! Flaunt it!
Funny...I hope that most of my teenage dalliances wouldn't recognize me if they saw me. Of course, moving a thousand miles away from where I went to high school so that they never see me helps.
Way to go ! You must have been a pretty impressive hook-up, drunk or not. Clearly still holding a torch ... either that or he doesn't get out enough. Or maybe he's an obsessive who has a 20 year old shrine in his basement dedicated to your memory and now he's going to start stalking you .... Nah !
I've had a couple that keep turning up over the years like bad pennies. I think I've gotten rid of them all now . . .
I recently saw my wild, artistic, Danish, gorgeous high school boyfriend on the news. He looked just like his mother! Sounded like her too. At first, I didn't believe it was him.

Me, I'm still looking forward to my wild, artistic days, no matter what I look like.
I bet he looked dazed with the good kind of memory too.

How'd he look?
Was he still palatable after all these years? Last one I ran into had gone quite seedy, was still driving the same car(!) and still using the same lines! :)
Heh, congratulations.

Have a fabulous vacation this week!
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