Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Oops, I Did It Again

Seemingly there is tons of available Cascade 220 in this here part of town, and I should do my own research rather than relying on the word of others.

Apparently, there is lots of other stuff also.

Left to right, bottom row: Cascade 220 for Eris; Cascade 220 because I love the colour (they didn't have enough in that dyelot for Eris); Cascade 220 for Ben's cabled sweater. top row: Something called Moorit that seemed all nice and squishy and I wanted to spin it; some sprinkle-dyed romney locks, some pinkstuff (all handspun, I think) for a hat and a sweater, chosen by Missy Moo. Not pictured: Some stuff to spin for my secret colour swap pal.

Sometimes I scare me.

You don't just fall off the wagon, you dive off head first!

Yummy stuffs, those.
I also just purchased some of that cascade 220 in burgundy (bottom left in your pix).

a man's cardigan in a king charles brocade stitch pattern (thanks, franklin, for the idea!) is what's planned.

best thing about cascade - NOT ITCHY!

anne marie in philly
Yummy! I am envious!
You have good taste in colors, woman! Sigh, now I want to go yarn shopping, too ... not sure what I'd MAKE, but I love to shop for yarn! :-)
It is clear you will stop at nothing to intimidate me.

That deep red color is gorgeous - it will make a beautiful Eris. That color has been my favorite lately - I have some alpaca/silk blend in that shade to make myself a clapotis. (Yes, I'm the last person in the world to knit it, besides the people who intentionally abstained.)
yesssssss, you have finally come to the darkside that is wool. Now you can dig out that skein of turquoise cascade 220 I gave you and think of something fabulous to do with it :-)
Honey, you *always* scare me.
Fabulous colors for the Cascade. Yummy. What the hell is Moorit, and what does it look like spun, already? (tapping foot)

This happened to me at my LYS. Janis's ledgers are $96 higher now, solely due to me. (I was only looking for some size 1 circulars!)
Uh...can we say SPREE?
No backing out now. You have the yarn and the colour is you.
Who wants a bikini?
Oh, so you took my word about the quality of the yarn, but fault me for out of date availability data.

The ruby is the color I've chosen to do Eris in, if I ever feel brave enough for those cables. Happy knitting.
See if you buy yarn more frequently it eases the build up of pressure... like a volcano steaming.

If you wait to long you get a king of wool Vesuvius. As you can see.
I adore the color you chose for Eris. It's so yummy. Also, don't you still owe us some zipper explanations? Just sayin'. No need to get ugly about it. Have some wine. We'll wait. No hurry, really.

Some people are so touchy. :)
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