Thursday, August 03, 2006


Nurturing The Spirit

I'm stressed to the max here and not in top form. (would the person in the back row who just shouted "are you ever?" please go and slap themselves. thank you. no more beer for you.)

So I'm going to make Eris in Cascade 220, methinks, if I can find it in a colour I like. Seeing they seem to make damned near every colour under the sun, I don't think it'll be a big problem. Seattle, here I come! (According to one of my stalkers Cascade 220 is hard to locate here in the Great White North, and really, who has time to shop? I start work in an hour and a half.)

Oh, yeah, that's why I'm stressed. Remember last year when I missed The Harlot's book launch in Seattle because I forgot to take my daughter's birth certificate? And then we had to come back home and get it and we were late and everything? Yeah, that. Well, in the last year since we were there, we seem to have misplaced that self-same birth certificate. Plus my husband's passport. So, even though they're on the list of things to take, well, we can't.

I was pretty much having a total-melt-down kind of day, and in fact #7 on the "to do" list was "kill self, if there is time" (relax, I knew there wouldn't be time and anyhow Lee Ann said I couldn't), however I am now the happy, happy recipient of hmm, maybe 3 lbs of incredibly soft, clean llama. And, seemingly, llama cures everything:

Dudes, couldn't you plotz? (I still have to find out what that is so I can do it)

This is the "very dirty llama threads" I was offered a while back. Yeah. My house should be so dirty.

This llama's name is Spirit and he (she?) was hand clipped and, clearly, hand-fed and probably brushed a heck of a lot, too. Beautiful, beautiful soft fibre with almost no smell and absolutely zero llama poop. There's some straw in it, but it's clean straw.

Yeah, #7's off the list for sure, now.

Sprit has been taken care of by a woman who seems to be somewhat magical. And old and tough and feisty and probably not all that comfortable to be around 100% of the time (I've never met her). She's making a huge difference in the life of someone I love (no, not that kind of difference, I know some straight people, you freaks) and today she and my friend, with the assistance of the llama, made a big difference in mine.

Um, so yeah, fuck #7. I have llama to spin.

And I just remembered that we've only lost the documentation of TWO of the members of this family. I got mine, Jack (in my purse).


Are you just waffling on the yarn selection to bait me with a false sense of security that I stand a feather in a fan's chance of beating you at this? Damn hustler.
"And I just remembered that we've only lost the documentation of TWO of the members of this family. I got mine, Jack (in my purse)."

And since they probably don't care if you go to Seattle to get some fancy string and see some chick with pointy sticks with this thing about taking pictures of an unfinished sock, ROCK ON! Go fondle your llama.
You know, a weekend away from your other family members could be just the stress reliever you need right now. Seriously. A "mommy break" weekend. Better for the soul than even llama fondling.
Yeah, leave those slackers at home and run away with the llama.
Oh no ... some time away from the undocumented aliens in your home? How will you survive the pressures? Is there life after spun Ilama? Sounds like a plot in the making to me!
Sounds like Spirit was aptly named. YAY! (And I'm all for mommy-only fiber related weekends. Go for it.)
Gotta say...maybe it's the heat talking, but I saw the photo before I read the entry and it really looked like a human head in a bag...
Heh - I thought it looked like clipped hair, or a head, too.

Hey, WEBS has Cascade 220 if you can't find what you want here.
I don't even spin, but that llama looked enticing to me... yummy.

I got Cascade for my Eris. Some kinda green color.
Uhm, that looks like a bag of hair. Who are you trying to fool, missy?
I thought it looked like a bag of Great Aunt Ruth's Cho Cho. They didn't practice good bikini hygiene back in the old country.
Woo, does THAT not look gorgeous!

I used to entertain myself on trips with cow and sheep watching, but now I have to scream "LOOK! IT'S A LLAMA!" everytime we pass one. I'd probably pass out if I met a real live alpaca.
ACk! You lucky rabbitch! I can't wait to see what that gorgeous llama looks like as yarn.
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