Thursday, August 31, 2006


Let the Licking Commence

No, I can't spin an entire pound in a night. Especially not of this stuff. I don't think it's going to be a big fave of mine (Perendale). I got 33 yards of total ass spun, set and dried. And sent it to my pal so that she would be happy that I hadn't filled the whole box with handspun.

No, I didn't take a picture, alas.

So I had to make a mad dash out to the store to get a couple of things to finish my Colour Swap Pal dealie, seeing there wasn't going to be anything resembling "enough" handspun in there. Toddled up to the new LYS ...

You'll notice I'm not linking to them. I don't usually when I dis someone.

Really, it's a nice enough store. It's clean, bright, colourful walls of "stuff".

However, it's almost impossible to find, the signage is nothing more than a small shopping bag in the window. The only thing I could find that had been touched by human hands was the beautiful hand-dyed sock yarn from Sweet Georgia Yarns which alone was almost worth the trip.

Everything else, Noro, Cascade, Lorna's Laces, Rowan, etc ... same as anywhere else, and at the same prices. They did have a really huge selection of Cascade 220, better than the place I usually go ... but I've got some serious customer loyalty going on so I'll likely drive the extra distance. They have more variety and more interesting stuff at Urban Yarns and when my car's not blowing up it's more than worth the drive to get there.

Well, I suppose that wasn't dissing, but it certainly was faint praise. I'm pretty seriously disappointed.

Anyhow, I left with nothing in hand and cruised by Birkeland Brothers and got what I needed while Eleanor got to go see their huge drum carder again (she's fascinated, as am I) and had a good long chat with the owner. She showed me some Perendale that was handspun by someone else, and quite frankly my lumpy fuzzy efforts weren't that bad. Maybe I don't suck quite as comprehensively as suspected.

I shudder to think of what Google searches are going to bring people here after this post ...

Anyhow, my package is mailed (thank FSM for post offices that stay open VERY VERY LATE) and I now have all of this free time looming (ha!) and nothing but months and months of knitting for ... ME!

Ann's got some Selfish September action going on at her blog I do believe. Perfect timing to only have 47 projects on the needles.

Starting tomorrow morning (or actually an hour from now). The first row of every single day has to be on something for me. I suspect that the second often will be also.

And would the yahoo in the back row stop jumping up and down and yelling "Eris, Eris!"? Really dude, it's getting annoying. I'm going to cast it on for the third time (shut up) tomorrow. Pictures this weekend.

You know, I don't want to suggest that you wimped out or anything (and don't you love it when people say things like that right before they go ahead and do it?), but I've spun Perendale and found it just fine. Not particularly soft, but smooth to spin. Maybe you got a crappy batch of roving?
I am on the first sleeve of Eris. Don't worry, you'll catch up soon enough, I think my hands are about to fall off!
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