Saturday, August 19, 2006


In The News

Yesterday it was reported on page A24 of The Vancouver Province that the Prince Rupert SPCA has decided to cancel the crab boil that they were going to hold as a fundraiser. Yes folks, the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has decided NOT to boil a bunch of animals alive, at $10 a pop, to raise money to prevent cruelty to animals.

(yes, I know that crabs are sort of insects or something, not "animals" and they're tasty, too but really ... isn't that sort of a memo from the desk of W.T. Fuck?)

In other breaking news, Focus on the Family has cancelled their fundraising Wife Swap Dance, PETA has cancelled their Leather Night and Seal Clubbing at the bar and the Radical Lesbian Feminist Comedy Night has been postponed indefinitely.

You're welcome.

You almost owed me a new keyboard..
Hee hee...Yeah, I'd think any kind of food fundraiser might not be a very good idea for the SPCA! Shame about the cancellation of the wife swap dance, though. I was looking forward to it.
Does that mean that we're stuck with the one we came with?
I thought that the Radical Lesbian Feminist Comedy Night was canceled years ago.
You are very funny lady.
Dang! Well, off to go have some lobster.... =;)
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