Sunday, August 13, 2006


I'll Be Swatching You

Ok, you know I had to use that title sooner or later, and now it's over so we can all relax and get on with our lives. See? Didn't hurt nearly as much as you thought it would.

I'm not usually a great big fan of the gauge swatch but seeing all I allegedly ever make is dishcloths, scarves and hats, this is understandable.

Eris, however, is an entirely different matter. I'm using quite a lot of very nice wool -- probably only about $60 but there's a looming sharp downturn in the fiscal outlook of La Famille Lapin, so really, I don't want to be wasting this. And, money aside, it's nice wool. You don't wanna fuck up stuff like this. I'm pretty sure the knitting gods will come and hurt you if you do.

So, two nights ago I hauled out the 4.0mm needles and swatched. I thought that the wool was very nice but it seemed a little fragile for something that should, in my opinion, be a fairly sturdy garment. I got perfect stitch gauge but, alas, the row gauge was over, and for the collar of Eris, that's the part that counts.

I muttered. I cussed. I whined. And then I ripped it out and swatched again, not thinking that .25mm difference on the needle would really make that much difference in the knitting.

Clearly, I was wrong. This new fabric is gorgeous, solid, and bang-on both stitch and row gauge. 3.75mm needles, how I love thee.

And now, of course, I realize that although I have straight needles that work for this gauge, I don't have any 3.75mm circs. At least not that I know of.

I'll have to get some Friday (payday). Feh.

In the meantime, just to distract from the madness that is about to start, my talented buddy Mouse has made some buttons for this undertaking. It's not a knit-along, 'cause we all know I never finish (or, sometimes, start) the -alongs and I don't finish-along at all, but if anyone else is going to make a real live grownup sweater all for themselves, please feel free to swipe one.

And, my personal favourite:

And now to go rip apart boxes and barrels and bags and see if I have a 32" 3.75mm circ after all ...

I am going to be naughty and tell you that I believe you can knit the whole collar on straights...
I'm so happy you and the gauge swatch have made friends. It's a powerful ally, that one. ;)
so, i've seen a finished eris, and i'm completely mad about it. where oh where can i get a pattern? can you, oh might rabbitch, help me out? cheers and carrots,
(that would be
You have definitely come over to the dark side!

Come sit by me.
I've kinda sorta promised Margene I'd finish sewing up Gloria and wear her to Rhinebeck. I don't care that it was s'posed to be my knitting olympics project. Still counts.
I don't want to make you say anything foul (or do I?), but you DO know that gauge on straights and circulars often differ, don't you?

Knit a swatch on the circulars too!!!
Hoho, I love those buttons!
But, Eris is a cardy, so she'll be working back & forth on a circ anyway, won't she? So her gauge will be the same?

Love that red color, mmmm.

Hey, don't go buy a new 3.75 mm 32" circ, I was hunting out all my needles yesterday before starting a new sweater and I have around a BILLION of that size. I'll send you one of mine, 'k? Should be there by Friday, maybe Mondayish if customs is into knitting this week and has to knit a swatch before declaring them as safe from terrorists.
haha i love those buttons. i might need to knit a sweater just so i can use the button.
Somehow, from your title, I have "I'll be loving you... always" going through my head.

My God! Am I in a good mood? How did this HAPPEN?
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