Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I Think I Just Hurt Myself

OK, so I've had an hour and a half of sleep out of the last 24. Hoping for more shortly but one never knows.

I'm so rancid with exhaustion that I can't even be arsed to plug in my scanner to show you this amazing still-life my daughter painted in art class today. She scares me a bit.

So yeah, you'll have to see that on Friday, along with the amazing clay slug. Yes, I said slug. And it's amazing. Most of the other kids? Their slugs look like troll turds. Hers looks like a slug. Which is to say, a troll turd with antennae.

Eris is not cast on, but I've had the offer of needles from two lovely people, so it should be on the needles shortly. Hopefully before I hop over the border on Saturday to go to Gaile's birthday party. Pictures and a vivid description of how I've managed to injure myself in the process will be forthcoming.

edit: child is napping, I shall join her as soon as I post this. I shall finish the post first as I know you long for my every word. Yes, you do. Shut up.

Before I toddle off for a few hours of restful sleep, I must share with you the horrible things that some people post for their poor exhausted readers to hurt themselves laughing over. Click on "ferret clothes". Scroll down.

Then, after you can think again, wonder to yourself ... exactly what was she searching for when she found that page?

I'm just askin'

Rabbitch, there's a new yarn shop in town, just a hop away from the fleece place. We're doomed.
I pine for your every post. Hang upon ever assferret word that springs from your keyboard. Thank you for posting and hope you have a long lovely sleep.
He'! I can' clo' my mou'!
I particularly like the "rabbit-ferret"...either that or the tres francais ferret in the beret. (By the way, fell out of chair laughing...may have bruised arse) :)
apparently that page is not work-safe. Argh.
I'm not sure which is more amusing, Rabbitch's post, the ferret clothes or that the ferret page is not deemed work safe.
The ferret beret! Oh, if I only had a ferret.

What I find startling is that there are Member Prices and Non-Member Prices. Is there a Ferret-Hat-O'-The-Month Club?
ARGH. The ferret page was filtered out by my job's filth censor as well, and now I am DYING to know what in the world knitting/ferret related is so dire that my job feels it is unsafe for worktime viewing.

Thanks for the link to the link to the link of the ferret stuff. Totally hilarious.

I can't figure out why it would come up screened at an office, except maybe because they sell "rabbit ears" suitable for "going to Heff's place for a party." And actually, that looks like one pissed ferret LOL.
Rabbitch, you just made my day. my week. month, even, perhaps.
I've had a hell of a week, and found your blog, I don't even remember how, but I read a bunch here and there - and you're wonderful, that's all there is to it.
Thank you for being Rabbitch for us all to see.
(Are you going to knit some ferret sweaters soon? really, that was too much.)
Ferrets, hehehe.
I'm partial to the ferret scarecrow hat and ferret rabbit ears and ferret court jester hat. Good grief. HAR HAR HAR
I too wondered what Ms. Ryan was searching for when she found that page. Thank goodness there was no ferret lingerie involved. It makes my brain hurt to think about.It also makes me laugh hard enough that my stomach shakes my desk and that's just even funnier.
Good Lord, I have got to have that Ferret Visor Cap! NOoooo, maybe not.
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