Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I Have Purple Balls

And for all of you who got here by googling the above-noted title, I'm sorry to disappoint (and you're either perverts and should be ashamed of yourselves, or you have a serious medical problem and should shut off the damned computer and go go the emergency room) but this is a knitting blog.

Here's the latest results of my fun with dyeing. I think I did these either Saturday or Sunday and I'm very pleased with the results. Alas and alack, I didn't wash them as well as I had thought, which fact I discovered through the gradual but definite purpling of my paws as I wound them up at work last night.

They're going in the bath again tonight. Thank FSM my babysitter is getting used to finding oddities floating in, and drying over, the tub.

As for the zipper story, well, there are a couple of reasons I hate zippers. And I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. Today, I'm going to go wash the wool and then get my weary ass off to work.

You'll just have to live in suspense another day.

So the lesson would be to make sure you wash your balls thoroughly so that when you play with them your hands stay clean?

I really hope you don't go with the elann wool for eris. Like Mim said, it pills like a mother fucker. I made my Rogue with it and I could cry every time I want to wear it. I would so LOVE that sweater if it didn't look so shabby. So much work to look like a hobo, doncha know. You don't even have to wash it to make the severe pillage happen, just moving your arms around will do it. That stuff should be banned.
so silly
very very pretty..those are my FAVORITE colors...purple purple purple....

aren't purple balls an actual medical condition??
I second what Jen said about Peruvian Highland Wool. Maybe try the knitpicks Worsted Superwash. It's new, and it's still cheap.

Yeah, the ones who got there googling your title are probably the ones that found JenLa googling "Bruised Scrotum" Sick bastards!
I love zippers. May be if you were careful with your zippers your balls wouldn't be purple. denny
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