Saturday, August 12, 2006


Fly-By Posting

I'm alive but busy busy busy. And also bloaty and mentalpausy and a total bitch on wheels but I'm not going to discuss stuff like that here. I've always thought that was what LiveJournal was for.

I have achieved great success with Eris. Well no, I haven't, but I've got the yarn and done the first swatch and gotten perfect stitch gauge. Alas, it's the ROW gauge that's important for the cables so I shall re-swatch as soon as I find the right needles, which should be in this vase over here (waving hand vaguely to the left).

Oh yeah, and I've realized that I've never used a chart and don't have a clue what I'm doing, so expect some manic (or sort of sad) posts in the very near future.

Um, the pattern is 40 pages. Does anyone have any idea why I didn't think of that when I chose this cardigan? I'm just askin'

I have solved the issue of the closure. I don't close cardigans. Ever. There is no need to ruin the line of the cardigan with closure devices of any sort. If, later on, I find I hate it that way I'll add something like little silver frogs or celtic knots or the like.

And now, just for Angie, The Zipper Explanation; a Brief History.

Small child. Clumsy small child. Jacket with zipper. Hasty donning of said jacket. Damage to that soft skin right under the chin. Weeping. Blood. Fear and loathing.

I have a fleece pullover thingie with a zip and my daughter keeps wanting to zip it up for me and I cringe in utter horror the minute she puts her hands on the pull tab.

The physical scars have healed, but I think I'm mentally scarred for life.

Also I think knitwear with zippers looks like ass. Hiding nasty dead metal (or plastic) bits in something as soft and lovely and living as wool is just a sin.

Felted purses are exempt from this rule, but those alone, and none other.

And now to sleep, clean the house, and get ready for unexpected dinner guests, while popping Advil and screaming a lot. All in the next seven hours.

the screaming is from the house cleaning, not the physical pain

If you're one of the dinner guests, all I can say is "bring wine".

Oh, that is SO what Livejouranl is for....have you seen how much time I spend talking smack at the post office?? (THEY KNOW WHAT THEY DID) (Thisis going right in my DBI file, I just know it....)
Also, I think I just set a new personal record for typos there. Note to self: no comments before coffee.
no fair! no fair!
You've swatched? You little tease! Here you all acted casual like it would take you a year or something and you freakin' swatched? I'm still trying to finish 4 projects before I get started, make yarn for a show in six weeks, and finish spinning the stinkin' yarn for the sweater that I'm making which, thanks to you, I'm now waffling on and feeling kinda lukewarm. Okay, maybe it is a stretch to blame my flaky mind on you - but irrational I can be because - well, you're not the only one with PMS issues. No fair. Someone email me a pattern for a bikini. It's saturday - I'm going straight from coffee to bourbon.
Live journal, huh? Oops. My bad.

As for the 40 pages - this is a GOOD thing. Because she tells you everything very clearly - it intimidating, but better thant a 3 page pattern that leaves 80% of the specifics up to you.

Just relax, go with the flow. If that's not a stupid thing to say *g*
Because I am still a kid even though I might be (mumbles 30 something)and I have one piece zipper jammies. So warm and comfy in the winter. Except when my husband thought it would be fun to zip them for me and caught me belly skin. I almost run in fear if he comes near me while I have them on. Crazy huh?
Eris is my first cable-y project with charts, and I'm now about to do the waist shaping. It's fun and pretty easy to make as long as you don't loose your place in the chart, which I tended to do with my previous lace-knitting attempts. I've never finished anything lacey 'cause it always looks like crap, due to my doing several other things while trying to knit it.
heh - i still have a scar (two, actually) on the underside of my chin from exactly the same thing. and you know, 30-odd years later, i can still fell that pinch/rip! who says the mind doesn't remember pain! phooey!
That one line about "felted purses" I reat as "fetal purses". Yes I know, I'm very sick, but it's a funny sick.

Is that where that scar on my chin came from (snowsuits! Anyone remember snowsuits?)

Explains a lot!
Are you insane? Zippers in felted purses? Why would anyone ruin a perfectly good zipper by sewing a *felted purse* to it??
Thanks for the reminder that evil is looming. I know when you start talking about your PMS that mine is only a day or so away. The monthly roller coaster ride from hell. Why keep all the fun to myself? I share the joy.
I did the zipper thing to my son once. He was going to take off running and I reached over and grabbed his hood just as he took off-- yank, it stopped him all right and flew him up in the air and down on his rear....handily slicing his neck....Honestly I cried harder than he did.
I'm sorry that I missed you when you were down here!

I do have a good excuse. I was drunk. And in Vegas. You should come next time :D
I despise LiveJournal, but that's a personal issue. Thank you for the zipper story! Although, my chin hurts now. The second one...or maybe it's the third chin. When you get this many it's hard to tell.

I would love to be one of your dinner guests. I would bring LOTS of wine for you. And buttons for future zipper free projects.
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