Thursday, August 24, 2006


Favourite Colour Swap Package

Just a quick note before rushing out to work. The package arrived today from my Favourite Colour Swap Pal. Just look at all of the yellowy goodness:

In this box was a turkish drop spindle, some blue-faced leicester roving, some organic soap that smells of roses and honey and something citrus (I haven't looked at the ingredients yet, so I have no idea what's in it) and a handmade washcloth (is she trying to tell me something?) a handmade bag which will be perfect for carrying small knitting projects in, lots of natural dyes, some chocolate (organic dairy-free champagne truffles! And no, I'm not sharing), some Regia Silk Shine sock yarn, some gorgeous beads and, of course, a Smurf. (I live in fear and loathing of Smurves. She's evil).

My benefactress is the lovely and generous Anita, who kept me guessing with funny emails and who clearly has excellent taste.

Thanks Anita! I anticipate hours of fun with all of this.

Now to work, to continue working on the knitting for my pal. I've got another week to get my act together but I'd like to get this mailed on Monday or Tuesday so I'm not the very last one.

I'm so glad that you liked the parcel. Hopefully I got the colours right.

As for the Smurf - well, I was tempted to send him separately having done a job on him with some red nail varnish, you know, in a horse's head kind of way. I decided against it though as it smacked a little too much of stalkerish behaviour and possible lawsuits....
I'm back...and casting on the cape this evening. Thanks, my dear and devoted friend, for the kick! I know you're just trying to spur me on and help me WIN!
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