Wednesday, August 23, 2006



But no pictures, because Blogger hates my ass rather viciously today.

I cast on Eris last night and worked through all of the first chart and part of the second.

Then I read some more of the instructions and cast on Eris again and worked through all of the first chart and part of the second -- correctly this time.

OK, before everyone gets their pants in a bunch and faints dead away, the first chart is only four rows.

But dudes! Me! Following charts and liking it!

I just hope I don't discover I'm doing this all wrong (again) when I read more of the instructions later this afternoon ...

Woo! I love charts!
Uh, how many charts are in this thing?
Now, darling Rabbitch, haven't we been over this already? You're supposed to sit thee down with a highlighter and pencil and read the entire pattern once. All the way, looking at the charts as you follow along. Then go back and do it again, highlighting your size in each (1,2,3) section, and making important notes in pencil on the charts, like when you're gonna be decreasing at the same time as doing something on the me, it will keep you from casting on another time... *mwah*
I second what Gaile said but want to add that maybe you should make a working copy of the charts so that you can mark away to your hearts content without trashing the originals. Just thinking......
I used to think Blogger hated me too - I read on one of their help pages that Internet Explorer users sometimes have problems uploading photos, and someone suggested trying Firefox. So I did, and it works all the time now. (So far...)
(Just suggesting cause we like the Rabbit photos!)
Oh, crap. You're ahead of me already!

(whoever said "this isn't a race" is not competitive.)
Oh dude.. I can't stand the idea of working through charts. :(
Cure for bloggerphobia...TYPEPAD. I finally simply gave up. I keep the account to post to my blogger friends, but that's all!
Eris has been on my list for a while and I just got the pattern. Holy Shit! I thought you were joking when you said it was 40 pages. nobody can be expected to read all that!
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