Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Does This Ennui Make My Ass Look Huge?

I am a giant blob today. Ha! I just typed "giant blog" and then gigglesnorted for a bit. That pretty much sums up the level of wit around here today. Soon I'll be starting with the poop jokes.

Actually I started my day with the poop jokes in one of the lamest conversations I ever recall having with Mouse. I think we were discussing cafeteria food and it all just got terribly juvenile. I blame her.

I am totally unmotivated today and I'm hoping that by blogging my shame I'll actually kick myself into doing something. ANYthing. I suspect that the unwritten "list of things to do" has finally gotten so long that I've experienced some sort of shut-down of the coping system. While completely understandable, this in no way picks up all of the toys off my living room floor or cleans my bathroom. (yeah, I know, I was disappointed about that, too)

However, it hasn't been All Angst All The Time, Ch├ęz Lapin, oh no sirree-bob. I've finished skeining the 94 million yards of pink superwash I dyed foreverlong ago:

yeah, it really is that pink

And have been working on a nasty mitred-square baby blanket, inspired by Ann:

yes, this also is that pink

Go see hers, it's a lot nicer than mine. This is a stash-busting effort to use up some of my thousand pounds or so of ACKrylic. It'll be going to a new mommy in Australia as soon as I'm done. I've taken a week to get this far, cramming in a row or two at work, at the park, etc., and I'm about 1/3 of the way through what will eventually be a 36" or 37" square blanket. I love this pattern (well, ok, it's not really a "pattern" but you know what I mean) because you decrease every other row, so the annoying-as-hell 320 stitches I cast on is now a somewhat-more-manageable 260 stitches, and by just about the time I'm so done I can't even bear to look at it any more (and that day is coming soon, believe me), well, I'll be so done. No casting off, just weaving in a few ends.

In slightly more-exciting news, the needle for Eris has arrived, kindly donated by a generous friend. She, being a horrid enabler, also included some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Flames that, quite frankly, I could eat. Makes me want to stop dyeing yarn after seeing others do it so much better. And then I remember the fun of completely trashing my kitchen and spending hours up to my armpits in soap and alum and madder and yeah, I'm going to keep doing that anyhow.

And talking about donating, Julie is participating in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's annual "Light the Night" walk in York Beach. Hop on over and see what's up with that.

Last but not least, just to keep MarQ happy, I'm knitting a dishcloth. It's for my Favourite Colour Swap Pal, as I believe that everyone in the world should experience dishclothy goodness. And besides, I need a couple more things to put in the box before I mail it and I just can't get my head around spinning today.

Speaking of spinning heads, I think I might actually be coming down with something a little more tangible than Ennui (or even Angst) thanks, Matt! and I'm gonna take me some Advil and lie on the couch until it's time to go to work. And knit a dishcloth (or maybe cast on for Eris).

Stay tuned for more exciting tales of life in the big city.

Not that they aren't great dishcloths.
Sounds like a perfectly satisfying way to spend the day to me. Every bathroom needs to be ignored occasionally. Prevents it from getting uppity.
I find everyone appreciates a clean bathroom much more if you ignore it on occasion. And, by the way, there's noting wrong with your dying...it stacks right up there with the best. Now then, how did Mouse's Kinder-crud get that far north & west to catch you?
Oh, don't stop dyeing! That pinks looks delicious! You can always use the Lorna's Laces as inspiration instead of intimidation. However alum - all yours. I like me my chemical dyes.
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