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All righty, just for Rachel H, I'll tell you how I feel (how I really, really feel) about zippers in knitwear.

Zippers in knitted clothing are evil, and startlingly ugly. My objection to zippers is not the sewing in thereof, but the fact that zippers Do. Not. Belong. in knitwear.

Therefore, no matter how a zipper gets into the Eris cardigan -- sewn by me, by the drycleaners, or in fact by the bad squirrels from the village -- at very the moment when the zipper is affixed to the months of painstaking knitting, it will stop being something I love because it's a beautiful design and I have knit on it for months and will start being yesterday's dishrag which I would be ashamed to donate to the homeless.

I would never wear it.

And so, you see, although I have definitely decided to knit Eris, there will be no zipper. Ever.

Because zippers and knitwear do not mix.

For those needing further clarity, please do not hesitate to drop me a line! You know you want to.

And now, I'm going to go figure out the wool to make this in. I'm leaning towards elann.com's Peruvian Highland wool in Oxblood. Ya think?

I am making Eris now with a doubled strand of Knitpicks' fingering weight merino dye-your-own. It's so soft!
I'd recommend Mission Falls 1824 wool. They both have a tendency to pill maddeningly, so buy a sweater shaver to go with it. I like the heavier feel of the MF, although the Highland from elann is nice and soft - just not nearly as soft as the mission falls. ymmv, of course.
Hey WTF happened to Patti's blog? I've been meaning to email her a curt note demanding to know why. Because you know, I *deserve* explanations from everyone about everything.
Okay, I'll bite. I disagree with you on the zipper issue, in that I disagree with absolutes.

When a sweater is made of a soft or delicate yarn, then a zipper is a very bad idea. It will buckle and ripple and the sweater will look like hell.

If the sweater is in a heavier yarn, a zipper is just fine. There are times when the lines of a design suit a zip fastener and do not look good when broken up by buttons or frogs or silver things.

A zipper is a necessity in some designs. Case in point: Cowichan sweaters. They come as pullovers or zip up. The few attempts I've seen to make them button-up sweaters looked clunky and bulky because the wool is so heavy.

Go ahead and do yours with buttons or velcro or frogs (real or knitted) or whatever else takes your fancy. If it makes you happy then you will like the sweater, wear it, and will feel good wearing it.

But I do not agree with your view on sweaters in knitted garments. Nyah.
Dearest Rabbitch, I have to warn you ahead of time, that the Peruvian Highland Wool (I also used Oxblood for my Rogue sweater) is EVIL! It pills like a mothafucka. Bad bad BAD!! I love Rogue, but I literally have to shave it every time I want to wear it, and I'm not a pick person when it comes to pills.
Thanks for clearing that up for me.
No WONDER I'm having such a hard time persuading myself that certain sweaters need zippers...

I keep not making Rogue ... partly b/c I can't find the PERFECT yarn (well, okay, I can, but then I can't afford it), but partly b/c I want the cardi version, and loathe the zipper idea. Zippers suck to put in, and then they CATCH on stuff.

Only thing worse for knitwear: velcro (shudder)
I, too, hate zippers in knitwear. Clearly, you are a genius.
OK, I'm literally in the middle of sewing the zipper on Eris at the moment, and the process isn't nearly as bad as I had feared. That said, I do wish Jenna had offered an option for a button band, because I'm not crazy about zippered knitwear, either. (Actually, once the front bands are sewn down, it looks nice without any closure whatsoever.)

I used Peruvian Highland, and I love the feel but haven't washed it yet. I've also heard it pills, but I figured it probably won't need washing tooooo often, so what the heck. Good luck!
I would like to know the genesis of this phobia. Because I KNOW there's a story.
I am with you on the zipperless Eris... why does it need a closure at all? Zippered sweaters make me think of Mr. Rogers -- "it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day......"

my validation letters are "ropecker". THat sounds like a word you'd make up!!
You are my new hero. Zipperhaters, unite!
I loathe being a conformist but I'll just say this. Zippers, when in very tight blue jeans put on hastily whilst someone is knocking on the door and you've just exited the shower and barely dried off, much less put on underwear - can be a most brutal equator of evil. Imagine it.
Love the chosen color and we can hope that they've improved the yarn so that it doesn't pill so much. As far as the zipper...it's your sweater, you get to choose how it's done! That is, after all, one of the many reasons why we knit, isn't it?
I understand why you don't like zippers now. But if you're also having trouble deciding on a closure, consider a hook & eye under the top corner edge [or all the way down instead of buttons]. That way, nothing fussy takes away from the look of the sweater & it won't fly open as you rush out the door. Yah, I bet you DO TO rush! Happy knitting!!
So, wait...do you not like zippers in knitwear? I'm just catching up here. Could you start again from the beginning?

Thanks ever so.
Wow, squirrels in those parts can sew zippers in sweaters? Talented. I've heard of Squirrel Nut Zippers, but I didn't know it meant the squirrels were sewing zippers, and I guess I figured if they were, they were sewing them on nuts.
Like zippers, I like zippers. Sewing in zippers, like that too.Also knowing what kind of zipper to use is part of the key.Liking to sew helps too.Love the zippers, I like to love the zippers in knits.Afraid to have a differnt view point, not me.Big fat metal ones, long slim plastic ones,esty betsy tiny ones for knitted bags.yum,yum.Going to the garden for some zips ,yum,yum dennyx0000x
I, too, prefer my knits zipper-free. If I ever make the lovely Eris, it will be with buttons. I'm thinking of around 10 pewter buttons, sewn near the edge, with crocheted button loops. Nice, yes? I'm looking forward to seeing how you decide to do your Eris. :)
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