Monday, July 31, 2006


Yup, Broken All Righty

Although it's only my baby toe, so I can still walk. Seattle's gonna be great and I'm meeting up with a bunch of folks (plus Patti who, alas, no longer has a blog). How can you go wrong with a gang like that?

As for the sweater, well. I had said that I "would wear it", not that I was insanely in love with it. And then, of course, Mr. Mark jumped on the bandwagon and all of a sudden I was knitting a sweater that I wasn't really insane about, in wool that I couldn't really afford.

And that just seemed all wrong.

The consensus seems to be that I should knit something I really want for myself. Therefore, the stripey sweater is out. I may knit it one day, and yes, I will knit it with the stripes but for now, the challenge will be to knit a sweater that I've been crazy about for ages.

I just have to decide ... cardigan or pullover? And if it's the cardigan I have to come up with some other sort of closure, because whoever thought that zippers go in knitwear? Well, they were wrong. Very, very, very wrong.


I sense some waffling on the idea of putting zippers in knitwear. Tell us how you really feel.
Those Norwegian clasp things will look excellent.

And at :coff: our age, cardigans are the only way to go.

Just sayin'
Owwie owwie! Hope they gave you some nice drugs to help with the pain or at least for the hell of it. hehe

I'm loving that sweater. I should know better than to be following links though. I may just end up having to buy that one. hehe
I'm kindasorta with you on the zipper thing . . . though I do love the way they look, just not the implementation.

Sorry to hear about the pinkie toe!
I second the clasp idea, but they can't be anything too complex - don't want to detract from the gorgeosity (yes, I invent words, so what?) of the cables.
If you are waffling on zippers in knitwear now, you're really gonna be hating the idea when yer up to yer butt in putting one in. I say go with the pullover. It's a rockin' sweater btw.
Pullover! I just like the lines better.
Both sweaters are on the to-do list for me. In spite of the fact that zippers are indeed a pain in the arse to put in, for this cardigan I like the smooth line. I think buttons or clasps would detract from the lines and the cable work, but that's me.

I also have plans for the pullover. The lines are nice for someone who has a *coff* more "womanly" figure. And yes, I mean me.
I need one of those!! What a lovely sweater! And room for the girls - a rarity - Woo-hoo!

Take the (almost) finished sweater to the dry cleaners and let them put the zipper in. If you have to go with some other closure, a celtic knot clasp would be nice.

Sorry to hear about your toe - get some good drugs for it, and whine a lot so that hubby/kids will wait on you. Just sit on the couch and enjoy!
I HATE zippers too...last one I had to do sat on the table and stared at me until I finally bit the bullet and realized the my son could easily outgrow the sweater while I waited for my zipper phobia to pass. Sorry about your toe and I love that pattern!
You could always do a button band. *ducks before the hail of dpns starts)
Love that sweater! It looks like a knitted on I-cord border and it would be easy to knit in 3 Icord loops for buttons. Wouldn't take away from the look of the cardigan. If you don't like I-cords eithers ... then go for the pullover girl. We want to see a happy [:P] knitter ...
Yup. Done that too. Ouch.
Well done on the toe! You never do anything by halves, do you?

Hey, let's knit Eris together! I much prefer cardigans to pullovers. I feel stifled in them.

I have a cardigan with a zipper (storebought) that I really like. Trust me, it's terrific on the Dark Side, and we have better beer.
The variegated blue yarn I bought from you arrived this morning and I love it. I can't decide whether to make socks from it... or a shawl... or a scarf... anyway, it's beautiful, all my favourite shades of blue. Thanks a lot, Helen
You can try those big hooks and eyes (for furs and things) and put them on the inside (with the hooks facing the outside) of the opening so that when they are fastened the edges come together. That would look almost like a zipper and not be too busy.

Joan in Reno
Personally, I think you should make the pullover - it like it better and then you wouldn't have a zipper to explain away! :)
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