Tuesday, July 04, 2006



Over and over and over again.

Got a bit too much on my plate right now. Gimme couple days, k?

There will be tales of birthday parties (daughter turns six tomorrow) and spinning (Now the freakin' fibre focus is over I ordered an assload of merino/tussah) dishcloths (nuff said) and dyeing (another 20 balls of wool arrived today and I'm finishing boiling up the stuff that didn't set before).

But for now, all I seem to be able to produce is a constant stream of whining, and even I'm getting tired of listening to me.

Catch you on the flip-flop.

You do too much. Take it from a former member of the "do everything for everyone else" sorority...it took a bunch of therapy to convince me that Mama has to take care of herself or she can't take care of anyone else. Be kind to yourself and get some rest!
I hear ya. I think we need a club. A button. All that jazz. Whelmed.
I don't think mentioning that the cosmic world is focused on Uranus is whining... damn, that still makes me laugh!

Take a break, have a beer, we'll be here.
How much is an assload? or is a variable measurement depending on the ass? ;)
pre-Happy Birthday to the little darling! They grow up so fast.
Happy Birthday to Princess Intrepid.

I hope you survive the party.
Happy birthday to your girl!
Just for your info my kind of ass-load would be huge!
Rule No. 1: Live first, blog second.
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