Sunday, July 23, 2006


What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I'm not quite sure how it got to be Sunday night, but here we are and I have little to show for my weekend except for half a dozen nice little skeins of wool and half a dishcloth.

Anyone wanna see the dishcloth? No? Good, I'm too lazy to take a picture and besides, it's a well-documented fact that if a knitting blog dares to mention knitting too often or post too many pictures, the Bloglines subscriptions start dropping like flies.

It's been about 9500 degrees here for the last several days. Y'all in the US Midwest will laugh at us precious little petunias, but for us, temperatures that reach up into the 80s and even the low 90s (25-35C for those of you using real temperatures) are a bit much.

I spent Saturday fighting with my daughter, killing mosquitoes and playing at the water park. Saturday night, hubby asked me if I would like to watch a movie lent to him by a chick at work who I'm convinced he's going to run away with (please FSM make it so) and who, I'm also convinced, butters her bread on both sides, iykwimaityd (She also used to read this blog from time to time. Yes, V, I mean you. You may try to beat me up for that if you wish, but I have to warn you, I think I could take you).

Now as many of you know, I'm not so much for the moving picture entertainment, but the chance to see Cherlize Theron jump about in some slinky bodysuit-type outfits and maybe catch a glimpse of her rack ... well, it would take a stronger (and straighter) woman than I to turn that down.

I'm pretty sure I enjoyed at least part of the movie, but I'm here to tellya, a) I'm not sure why anyone thought this movie had to be made and b) there isn't nearly enough gratuitous nudity. I should have checked the credits before I agreed to watch it. Damned women directors and their artistic concepts and stuff anyhow. Less with the jump shots and more with the rackage, baby; that's what we need to go with our beer and popcorn.

For someone who only watches maybe two movies a year, I have to say I'm a little disappointed that I wasted 50% of this year's selection on that one. I actually think I'm going to have to watch three movies this year, seeing we watched another movie right after that, and although I like that movie, especially the appearances by Saddam Hussein (no, really, who couldn't love a classic line like "Satan, your ass is gigantic and red; who am I going to pretend you are, Liza Minelli?") I feel somehow incomplete in the movie department.

Today was another scorcher, the majority of which was spent in the relative coolth of work (the a/c doesn't work at that hospiddle but it was cooler than outside, anyhow) and I'm now back at home, fighting with my daughter, killing mosquitoes and knitting on the dishcloth while very efficiently avoiding all forms of housework.

Ah, life in the fast lane. Don't you wish you were me?

I'm holding out for the picture of the dishcloth. ;-)
Gee, I wondered why no one was reading my blog. It must be all the photos. tee hee.
So let me get this right, sitting and knitting when there's housework calling, that's a BAD thing? I'm in trouble.
One blogger said she chooses to knit during calm moments when she's already accomplished things throughout the day. No way man, knitting is my escape. Kids fighting, dishes piling, husband whining, you can still find me out in my knitting chair under a shade tree. (yesterdy my project was a baby burp cloth from Mason Dixon, I'll show you mine if you show me yours!)In my house the work is very polite. It waits for me, and unfortunately, it's very patient.
My first thought this morning was that I wished I was in Canada, because it's not hot there, because everything is better in Canada. Now you have dashed my hopes.
Ok, you definitely need to see some hot movies. Secretary is pretty damn hot, Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader - sounds like a wierd combo but trust me. Lots of gratuitious sex in Y Tu Mama Tambien, but it's almost all straight sex and boy butts. I'll have to comb my archives and see what I can come up with for ya!
Half a dishcloth? Probably not.
But I was thinking of you highly appreciatively this evening when I microwaved the leftover chilimac too long and I couldn't hold the bowl without some cotton knitted insulation between the bowl and my hand.
Great chilimac,btw.
I no longer work outside the home. About the only thing I miss about working (besides the paycheque) is spending 8 hours a day in airconditioned comfort. This heat SUCKS.
Substitute reruns on HGTV and TLC and it sounds much like my life. So glad I'm not alone in the "fast lane".
Somehow I'm now very happy that I travel [by train or public trans hell][but who wants to drive in THAT traffic anyway] ... and sit in front of a computer all day, sneaking a peek at the hysterical rabbitch comments for the day ... oh I want to see a dishcloth. What is it used for? I forget.
I am so ready to be done with my degree so I can move to Vancouver. While you've been having high 80's-90's, we've had 105-115 here in the SF Bay Area. It's just wrong!
It's hot in Canada?? Darn. I was hoping to escape the heat in Rhode Island by moving there.
That`s exactly the same review everyone gave AEON FLUX. All twenty people that went to see it, that is.

SOUTH PARK is memorable for a certain female film star (well, her construction paper equivalent) doing THAT trick with the ping pong balls...the ultimate pelvic floor exercise, I suppose.

Didja know it`s been in the high eighties in Scotland for weeks? Really!
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