Saturday, July 08, 2006


We Have Good News and Better News

The charming miss Lee Ann does indeed love the red wool I and the bugs made. However she loves the colour so much that she has commissioned a huge whack of it in some gorgeous merino heavy sock yarn that I'm getting later this week.

Therefore, the two skeins of red Peruvian wool featured in yesterday's post are for sale. I'm asking $8 per (50 gram, 231 yard) skein, plus postage. It knits up at 7-8 stitches per inch on US #1-3 needles.

There will be more dyed later today after the sprog's birthday party (please god let me find some place to buy a pinata) and some more dyed with marigold or madder, depending on the mood, tomorrow.

Keep an eye on the sidebar. For now, I'm going to go lie on my head for four hours before 9 kids descend upon Ch├ęz Chaos.

How much heavier??? I would love what you have of the bug juice yarn but if you are going to have something heavier and lots more of it, in ANY colour, then I would love some! email me...
Zellers carries pinatas, co-op does as well. They also have some pretty crappy "filler" you can buy in bags.
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