Saturday, July 01, 2006


This is Normal, Right?

A little stealth-blogging, here.

I seem to have been foolish and have agreed, yet again, to work some back-to-back shifts at two different jobs. I worked last night from 10pm to 6am and then started again at 8am and will finish at 4 (at which time I shall take my child to Canada Day Celebrations so she can craze herself on sugar and then jump about in a bouncy castle for a while.)

And then I'm supposed to go to a party. That part might not happen.

I'm wide awake, startlingly enough. I can only credit the Zen of the Dishcloth for this state of mind. I'd forgotten how relaxing these were to knit, but thanks to Ryan's new obsession (I'm nothing if not a sheep) I picked up the needles again a few of days ago and now have, um, well, a few of 'em to show for my efforts. About six or seven -- three since yesterday, why? (I also sold four of 'em to my boss at my second job, but I don't think the prospect of $12 is keeping me awake with joyous excitement.)

Of course Ryan's on drugs, so she's got an excuse. Me? I'm wondering if I shouldn't drop by the Psych unit on the way home instead of going to the Bouncy Castle. But I have a feeling they would take my Addis away from me, and that Just Won't Do.

I'm working 8-4 all three days this weekend. And then Monday night. And then taking a friend out to Abbotsford for surgery at 6am on Tuesday. Blogging will be light.

Dishcloths, on the other hand, will be plentiful.

The ONLY thing that has kept me out of the psych unit for YEARS is that they won't let me take my knitting needles in with me!

My advice ... skip the party, knit the dishcloths!

Beth :-)
The Bouncy Castle and the psych ward are not the same thing?

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