Sunday, July 16, 2006


Spam of the Day

Hoorny wildd horr*se-te*ens fu**cked. oinks

I beg your miniscule pardon? I'm not even sure what that one's about. My friend and I decided that it's about teenaged horses having sex with pigs (and I can't wait to see what google searches lead people to me now). Anyhow, it's just all wrong.

And horses don't have horns.

There will be pictures of wool tomorrow. For tonight, I'm just going to go make sure the horses with horns are all locked up safe, and such.

The pigs will have to take care of themselves.

Horses with horns... unicorns? People are coming to your blog via searches for unicorn on pig pr0n? It sure gives new meaning to that movie "The Last Unicorn".. I'll tell you that much.
I didn't read your title, and was trying to figure out what new word someone deserved!
OMG ... hahaha! Get that barnyard under control, will ya?
So, we're pretty sure that horses don't have horns.

But do they have hoorns?
as pigs always do...
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