Saturday, July 08, 2006


Madder than Hell

OK, I'm not mad, but I had to work "madder" in there somewhere. I'm like that.

Was going to dye some wool with madder tonight, but it would seem that I have to soak it and extract it and bla bla bla whine whine (or at least I think that's what the instructions said. Anyhow, I read the first bit and I'm going to have to soak the madder overnight before I use it.

Bug juice, here we come again.

I'm trying to rescue that poor sad skein of superwash that I stripped the dye out of, instead. It's already had a nice relaxing bath with some conditioner and is now being scoured on the stove. It's whining about this, but I'm back in my studio which is too far away to hear it.

Mordanting and then dyeing and maybe softening it up with some stuff will be happening this evening. I'm hoping that a) the smell of peroxide will go away forever, b) it'll get soft again and c) I won't have to throw it out.

No, not c. If it doesn't recover I'll knit some i-cord and use it to strangle the woman at the dye store.

Um, after I find another source of dye, that is.

On another note, I survived Her Majesty's birthday party and have had it confirmed that I really really don't like little boys in bunches of three or more. One by one they're fine, but three is enough to make a gang and I'll tell you, one of the kids here today was a gang all by himself. Like I said to Mouse earlier, he may not actually be Satan, but Sstan, for sure. The neighbour of the beast or something.

Gah. I'm willing to put money on his doing time before he turns 20. That is, if he's allowed to live that long ...

Off to a relaxing evening hovering over the dyepots!

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