Wednesday, July 05, 2006


In Case You Were Wondering

The Princess and I had a great day today. Birthday, bike, paddle pool -- who could ask for anything more?

Also in case you were wondering, dried and pulverized Lac beetles smell like ass.

Take two balls of the Peruvian wool that seems to have manifested itself in my home:

Scour it:

Mordant it (and how the fuck did mordant get to be a verb? I protest!):

Boil it in bug juice:

The colo(u)r won't be as rich and red as the water in the pot but I think it's gonna be pretty. Stay tuned for the results. Couple days for it to dry before we can see the final product.

And now ... off to work!

Well dammet, she just keeps getting cuter! Now it's the gapped front teeth. And she's six years old already. Does she have a job yet??
Your little princess is adorable!
My, lord! She's looking a lot like her mom! (Except forthe teeth)
She is absolutely gorgeous. Lady, you are in trouble. Time to start building the fortress complete with moat. Lock her away in tower. The boys, they will be calling.
Your princess is adorable - love the toothless look!
So you have been perfecting cloning in your spare time, have you???

Where do you find enough hours in the day to do all the things that you do??
She's so cute!!! Happy (late) birthday to the Princess. I can't wait to see that yarn.. it looks like its going to be gorgeous!
Whatta cutie! Plant rose bushes under her bedroom window. That's one of my plans for my daughter! Can't wait to see the finished yarn!
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