Saturday, July 15, 2006


How I Spent My Saturday Night

On the left, madder. On the right, marigold.

On the stove, a mess. (and also a mess of Peruvian wool)

It don't get much better than this.

You know, those look kinda tasty. Like jam, or some kind of sauce you would put on ice cream.
Hmmm...I wonder how they taste....
Oh, so cool. How did they turn out????
Pictures! We demand pictures!
I agree with Amanda... looks yummy. SHOW US THE YARN!!! Come on...give us the money shot.
I thought it was syrup or something yummy, too. Chanting: "Pictures! Pictures!"
*joins the chanting*
suddenly in the mood for some tea, a drink with jam and bread .....
*pounds on keyboard* pictures, pictures, pictures!

and i think marigolds are edible. hmmm, marigold jam?
Two years of lovely, funny, thoughtful stuff - looking forward to another 20 -

(Just getting caught up on blog - only serious stuff can keep me away for more than a day!)

Twatsicle - brilliant!!!
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