Monday, July 31, 2006



I always seem to smash my foot right before I go to Seattle. In fact, way back in 2000 when we went with my ten-week-old daughter (who travelled like a dream btw) I actually managed to smash my foot so badly on the ironing board that I think I broke a toe.

We've been planning a trip to Seattle (well Tacoma really, but we don't like to admit that) for the upcoming weekend. The only issue in doubt was whether or not the vehicular module would be sufficiently well to make the trip.

I've just walked into a really big, really old, really heavy TV that is lurking in the "lobby" outside of my studio, thereby mashing my baby toe into oblivion. I can't actually bend it and oh look! It's swelling up!

Clearly, the trip is on.

Let the rejoicing begin.

OWOWOW! I'm so sorry lady!

I broke both my little toes within 3 days of each other and they hurt for a long time.

Ice, ice baby.
Yep, owowowowow! Have a great trip!
Look at it this way - if you had actually been going to Seattle instead of (Tacoma), you might have broken your whole foot. Have a fun trip!
even if your toe's broken, there's nothing they can do about it (they meaning the er, or the doctor's office) except tape it to the next one.

i broke my left baby toe 3-4 times as a teenager.
Last Aug I was performing in Seattle (what is it about toes and Washington?)and broke my second toe during dress rehearsal (quite the drag for a leg amputee because I only have 5 to dance with to begin with). I taped it to my big toe and on with the show, baby! Later came ice and arnica (a very good thing if you dont know about it...check your healthfood store).
Heal quickly..and have a good trip! Trip. hahaha. Ok, have safe travels. XO~bonnie
A suit case stocked with beer [& by your side at all times] should take care of it!
Without be any more specific, the suit case should be by your side & a bottle in your hand at all times, LOL. [I know how you are about those details *smile*]
after my harrowing ankle incident, I've learned to prop, ice, repeat, with ipuprophen sprinkled in between. Keep taking it to keep the inflamation at bay. It works.

I've got an odd thing where if I don't get a little nervous before taking a flight, I start to think that means that something will go wrong. Then I find some wood or wood product and knock on it. Then it's all good. I didn't say it was a rational thing. Just odd.

So, as long as smashing your toe is all according to plan, then you are okay.
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